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In the intervening years, Illiger has continued to maintain and update the game, and it's remains a beloved favourite for its lovely setting and streamlined gameplay -- an early example of how to make a mobile game just right. Free with in-app purchases Published: I haven't been so happy with the size and shape of an iPhone since the iPhone 5. Rebirth The Binding of Isaac: Jailbreak required Android devices. Follow him reneritchie on Twitter and Instagram.

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That means deep blacks, popping P3 colors, and details in all the highlights and shadows. It even has TrueTone so, some blue shift at steep angles aside, iPhone X white looks white.

On the back is an even better version of Apple's dual lens camera system. Apple has officially made one of the best video cameras around.

It can't do multiple faces the way Touch ID could do multiple fingers, but you also only have to look, not touch, to get into your phone. Daytime, nighttime, hair up, hair down, shaved, bearded, fancy neural nets keep learning so you can keep unlocking.

It also offers Portrait Mode and Portrait Lighting for selfies, and face matching for everything from social media filters to Apple's own Animoji. It's almost useful enough to be a primary computing device.

If all you need is a thin-client for your business apps or portals, or a screen and speakers for music and video streaming, you'll easily be able to get away with 64GB. If you want to store your media, or not have to worry about how many photos or how much video you take, you'll need GB. You can get iPhone X in silver or space gray. The silver model, from an angle, almost looks like the original iPhone.

The space grey resembles Apple Watch thanks to its similarly stealth-like vapor coating. They both have glass backs, just like they did in the iPhone 4 days, but this time to facilitate wireless charging using the Qi standard.

That's why Apple is also offering the very similarly equipped iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Even the most experienced traveler sometimes forgets a mobile phone charger or a hair dryer. Packing Pro asks you to set up a few lists of must-dos and must-haves for the various types of trips you take.

The next time you go somewhere, just check off each task, from stopping newspaper delivery to packing your prescriptions, as you prepare to leave. You can obtain lowest-price tips from other users, confirm a rate you see is still valid, or tank up on good karma by entering your own to-the-minute reporting.

Gasbag is only as good as the information submitted by its users, but the amount of data is growing as the app becomes more popular.

You play a frazzled TSA worker trying to process passengers as they stack up in the inspection queue, and your superiors pelt you with a barrage of never-ending, loony rule changes sorry, no more pants allowed. Violate TSA mandates or civil liberties, and you lose. Jetset makes a good companion for Flight Control, a nerve-racking game requiring you to guide ever-increasing air traffic onto three very crowded landing strips.

This app is a miracle of international communication, eliminating any need for a hotel-room phone. American Historic Inns inspects and vets each property, which many Kayak and Travelocity searches consider off the grid. Jason Cochran July 15, Free Sound recordings of your destination are cheaper than trinkets, longer-lived than food, and second only to photographs for the ability to make past moments seem almost tangible.

The iPhone 6S, as you probably know, is Apple's flagship from The Apple A9 chipset and a chunky 2GB of RAM, up from 1GB on the previous model, make it far superior in raw power to 's model and still reasonably speedy by 's standards, and it's got some other tricks too. It has a 12MP rear camera and a tried-and-tested 8MP front-facing camera, which at the time was the best selfie shooter Apple had on a phone.

It does sport largely the same design and screen as the iPhone 6 though and the latter in particular is starting to feel a bit dated in the face of super sharp QHD screens from rivals - and from the newer iPhone X. This was the first iPhone to sport 3D Touch though, which makes the screen pressure-sensitive and offers new tricks for enhanced emailing and shortcuts around the home screen.

Read the full iPhone 6S review. That makes it more unwieldy than the iPhone 6S, but a big screen also has a number of advantages, making movies and games more immersive - and the extra resolution really helps make apps look even better.

It also has a longer-lasting battery, matching the iPhone 6 Plus in terms of longevity. It's big, still fairly powerful, feature-packed and going to last longer between charges than many iPhones. Plus, as it comes in sizes of up to GB you can store your entire movie collection on it, if that's your thing. Read the full iPhone 6S Plus review. The iPhone 6 was a big change for Apple. Not only did it sport a curvier chassis than the last few models - complete with a change from metal and glass to all-metal - but it was also bigger, with a 4.

That's pretty small by modern smartphone standards, but it's substantially larger than the 4-inch iPhone 5S. The iPhone 6's screen is sadly no more or less sharp than the 5S though, as the resolution went up in line with the size, where rivals were shoveling in pixels at a rate of knots. It is, however, far more powerful than the iPhone 5S, with an A8 chipset giving it extra grunt. It's since been beaten by numerous iPhones, but the iPhone 6 is still a fairly slick performer.

Read the full iPhone 6 review. There are a bunch of big iPhones now, but the iPhone 6 Plus was the first, dwarfing the 4. The extra size makes it a good option for watching movies, browsing the web and generally wasting time on your phone with. It's also just as sharp as the much newer iPhone 8, with a x ppi screen.

In most other ways it's similar to the iPhone 6, with the notable addition of optical image stabilization for the camera offering better snaps, along with improved battery life, which is something a lot of iPhone owners crave. Read the full iPhone 6 Plus review. Apple followed up the iPhone 5 with the iPhone 5S. It has the same size and resolution screen, so it's a compact 4-inch phone, making it ideal for anyone who doesn't like lugging around an undersized tablet.

The premium design is much the same too, with a two-tone metal and glass construction. But it's a little more powerful, with a newer chipset under the hood. We're still far from top-end territory here, not by standards anyway , but it's slightly nippier under the finger.

The camera was also rather improved over the iPhone 5, with the 8MP snapper still taking decent photos despite its age. But perhaps the biggest change from the iPhone 5 is the addition of Touch ID, allowing you to secure the phone with your fingerprint.

Weeks later: It feels great to hold, but Face ID can feel slow