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The phone system is extremely reliable, offers multiple service plans and includes top-notch customer support. Pay Per Minute Plans from: Enhanced service is available throughout the US and Canada. Door phone entry buzzer integration 2: Two kinds of service providers are operating in this space: Dialpad offers voice calling, video conferencing and text messaging.

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Included in the invitation, when setting up a call, are parameters describing exactly what form the audio or video will use. When both endpoints agree and are ready to start exchanging media or data, RTP Realtime Transport Protocol is used to actually exchange the data or voice packets.

RTP will typically be carried on a port from a range of ports, most likely between 10, and 20,, which are then assigned to each endpoint after a negotiate and acceptance of a particular port on each side. SIP is also used to keep the ATA device registered with the provider by communication with their server. This occurs when the ATA device or IP-phone is first plugged in and afterwards regularly on a preset interval. Information that is passed includes the IP address where the ATA can be located and other information that keeps the server updated with any information that may have changed since the last registration.

A request might look something like this: As shown above certain information is sent along with an Invite which starts the process to establish a call session. The Real-Time Transport Protocol RTP is an Internet protocol standard that specifies a way for programs to manage real time transmission of multimedia data, with VoIP is usually voice, but could be video, as well. For a list of SIP response codes and their corresponding meanings we have provided a list to the left, along with a PDF download for reference.

Even though a router is supposed to be able to send the correct data to the correct device and keep things straight, they often will end up sending the wrong information to the wrong device registrations and the end result will be an ATA not having registration. Sometimes a complete power cycle of all devices will correct the issue, but eventually it will likely occur again if they are all signaling on the same ports.

As routers become better and handle layer 2 and layer 3 translations correctly with better firmware, these issues will be less problematic. The request requires user authentication. Issued by registrars and UASs. Couldn't find the user in time Gone: The user existed at one time, but is no longer available at the server and no forwarding address is known. From amounts refunded through fault of customer we have right to deduct the payment processor's refund fee in case if it applies.

Claims regarding the use of the VoIP services should be addressed to the service provider's customer services.

As reseller our responsibility is limited to transfer the credit from our reseller account to customer's VoIP accounts and we are not able to refund any payment for this reason.

If a payment already has been made for a refused order it will be canceled or totally refunded supporting by us the cancelation or refund fees. Any collateral demage or loss caused by a refused order cannot be opposed to us. Using the following payment methods: Calling rates comparison chart.

AM Canada eur en. Brand Landline Mobile Normal. Payment method Purchase details Review and pay Result. Terms and conditions Hanstel Official VoIP Reseller provides recharges of VoIP accounts brands owned by Dellmont Sarl Luxembourg , made by credit transfer from our reseller account to customer's reseller or end user accounts. Delivery policy Customer's VoIP accounts are recharged automatically as soon as the payment transaction is completed for qualified users using instant payment methods but no later then a few hours.

Privacy policy Hanstel Official VoIP Reseller does not sell, rent, loan, trade, lease or otherwise transfer any personal information collected through our service to any third party. Refund policy Please select the most proper brand for your needs using the rates comparison chart and checking the features offered by the rechargeable brands. Disclaimer Claims regarding the use of the VoIP services should be addressed to the service provider's customer services.

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