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If you expect the connector to make direct connections to the Azure services, SynRetransmit responses on port are an indication that you have a network or firewall problem. Then, you can check whether these SYNs correspond to any connector-related traffic. A torrent client for android? In some ways, Twitter is the perfect application to run over the Tor network. Has the protocol been sniffed to make sure there is no information sent over the communication channel such as the users location or IP address, or the phones IMEI or phone number etc? We start by looking at these main deployment scenarios:

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Has the protocol been sniffed to make sure there is no information sent over the communication channel such as the users location or IP address, or the phones IMEI or phone number etc? Thanks for the rightful concern, Mike.

I think the excitement of Twitter adding this feature is beginning to be mitigated by the lack of clarity around how it was done. In addition, we are working on a more formal audit. One thing we have already discovered is that there is a push notification mechanism that utilizes the internal Google push mechanism for Android non SMS , to notify of new Tweets. It is likely this is not proxied. In general, since most Android devices are entirely registered and tracked through a Google identity, if a user is looking for anonymity or some sort of identity protection, it is recommended to use a clean or separate Google account to power an Android device.

Thank you and please add a note that using Free software is recommended when there is security wonders. As you noted one priblem is that most android devices are tracked by google. So why are the tor apps not availanle through Amazon? I was thinking that if we had an anonymous Amazon account used only for apps and digital priducts you can use giftcards and prepaid debit cards then loaded all the privacy apps on a sd card.

All you would have to do when travelling and subject to search is take the card out. Reset the device without any tor or privacy apps in evidence. You can download our apps directly as APKs via https here: Will look into that in the next release. Cannot open apk s on my Nook. Already use DuckDuckGo and no locating turned on. You can configure the connector traffic to go through the outbound proxy, as shown in the following diagram:.

As a result of having only outbound traffic, there's no need to configure inbound access through your firewalls. Application Proxy does not support authentication to other proxies.

If WPAD is enabled in the environment and configured appropriately, the connector automatically discovers the outbound proxy server and attempt to use it. However, you can explicitly configure the connector to go through an outbound proxy. To do so, edit the C: The value must have the prefix http: Next, configure the Connector Updater service to use the proxy by making a similar change to the C: Proxy authentication is not currently supported.

Our current recommendation is to allow the connector anonymous access to the Internet destinations. This method essentially sets up a tunnel through the outbound proxy.

Configure the proxy server to allow tunneling to ports and Do not use SSL inspection for the connector traffic, because it causes problems for the connector traffic. The connector uses a certificate to authenticate to the Application Proxy service, and that certificate can be lost during SSL inspection.

Now you should see all traffic flowing through the proxy. If you have problems, the following troubleshooting information should help. The best way to identify and troubleshoot connector connectivity issues is to take a network capture while starting the connector service.

Here are some quick tips on capturing and filtering network traces. You can use the monitoring tool of your choice. But twitterR still won't handshake and returns the "couldn't connect to host" error.

I guess the next step is to add the actual code you are using to try and connect to the twitter API. Don't forget to blank out your consumerkey and consumersecret! Have added the code as an edit to the main question. I'll have a look when I get into work and am on my Windows box.

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Use the outbound proxy server