Can You Access Internet Websites on the Kindle Fire?

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About the kindle and its internet access>?
Yes, you can reach anywhere in the internet. Where Can Zeepad 7. I've read and responded to email on my Paperwhite. Start a day free trial now. Additionally, keep in mind that this Web browser is an experimental feature, so there will likely be glitches with loading and displaying pages. Read this review from a top reviewer, she mentions how she utilize the internet access function of her Kindle: Unfortunately, unless the eBook is sold as a PDF or epub and almost none of Amazon's eBooks are, these days , there is no way around it.

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How Do You Access the Internet on a Kindle Fire HDX?

All models of the Kindle can access the Internet. This connectivity makes downloading books, applications and other content convenient and easy. This feature, along with others, makes the Kindle a multifunctional device. The Kindle comes in three models: Wi-Fi, 3G and DX. According to Amazon, all are compatible with Wi-Fi networks using This is a free service that comes with the Kindle, with no contracts and no renewal fees. Users can open the Kindle's Web browser via four methods.

One is to click a link within the text you are reading. Another way is to click "launch browser" from the Experimental screen. A third method is to simply type a word, which will open a menu screen at the bottom of the page.

You can click "google" or "wikipedia" to launch the browser and begin a search with that word. Finally, you can enter a Web address in the Search box on the Home page, then select "go to" to open the browser on that page. It was slow as a dog, but hey, free internet in most countries - the only country I visited that year where it didn't work was Bosnia!

Now I'm looking at buying a new Kindle, and I'm finding it hard to establish which Kindles - of all the modern variants - still have a web browser with this free slow-as-a-dog internet available? I have various Kindles including: My Kindle Paperwhite 3G can access Wikipedia. It asks for a WiFi connection to visit sites such as google. So in answer to your question, all the kindle models I have include a web browser. They can access most sites using WiFi, however the newer 3G models are restricted to wikipedia and amazon by Amazon.

However if I first visited the Amazon store then the 3G connection worked correctly for other web sites. I tried this approach on the Paperwhite 3G however I was still asked for a WiFi connection when visiting sites such as Google so there seems to be a policy-based restriction on newer models possibly to save Amazon from data charges?

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