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When I was contacted for the replacement delivery and installation date, they lied about the date and I had to call in again to find out the real installation date. Fortunately, I had a good idea of the machine I wanted. So to be clear she treated me so well that I will not price compare on my future purchases that involve her and her department. I choose shipping so I wouldn't have to go to store. At 2 yr it broke.

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The Home Depot HDE Sales Consultant Reviews

Positions at both local stores are still not filled. Management means well but are clueless. Commission only is great in a competitive environment. HD is losing a lot of money because of their arrogance. Nationally recognized company Credit programs to support the sale. Unqualified leads- customers may be looking for a repair or not even home when you arrive. If customer was disappointed with install and gets money back, you'll lose your commission.

Management has no respect for sales consultants- no paid time off, work days a week, spend UNPAID time in stores begging for lead. Prices are far too high in most markets- HDE is management top heavy with multiple layers and far too many corporate positions. HDE needs to keep the prices very high to support the organization. Your customers are paying for all of this. Many of the companies "leaders" came from Sears Whi, in their right mind, would ever try to emulate anything Sears has ever done???

Sears will be gone in a year. But, it the Home Depot way Talk about customer confusion. The company culture between the stores and install divisions is dramatically different. Installs are horrible and done by substandard contractors--very few reputable contractors want to work for HDE The cons are endless.

This is not a good place to be. Much better companies out there. HDE needs a management shakeup. Many positions need to be eliminated- they offer nothing to benefit the sale or the customer.

If management chooses to give you a competitive program you can make good money. Upper management is clueless and fails to respond to market conditions. HDE is in home sales, and our VP's are from the store side and do not understand the market. Where the digital signal fails, the analog signal is used as a fallback for the main digital channel normally HD1 , requiring synchronization of the two.

This requires a significant delay being added to the analog service. Current FCC rules require that one channel be a simulcast of the analog signal. In some cases, particularly during tropospheric ducting events, an HD Radio receiver will lock on to the digital sidebands of a distant station, even though there is a much stronger local analog-only station on the same frequency. With no automatic identification of the station on the analog signal, there is no way for the receiver to recognize that there is no correlation between the two.

The listener can possibly turn HD reception off to listen to the local station, or avoid random flipping between the two stations , or listen to the distant stations and try to get a station ID. Although the signals may be synchronized at the transmitter and reach the receiving equipment simultaneously, what the listener hears through an HD unit and an analog radio played together can be distinctly unsynchronized. This is because all analog receivers process analog signals faster than HD radios can process digital signals.

The digital processing of analog signals in an HD radio delays them also. The resulting unmistakable "reverb" or echo effect from playing radios of both types in the same room or house can be annoying. It is more noticeable with simple voice transmission than with complex musical program content. Multiple HD receivers of the same make and model, or multiple analog receivers in the same room or house, will not cause noticeable echo. Stations can transmit HD Radio through their existing antennas using a diplexer as on AM, or are permitted by the FCC to use a separate antenna at the same location, or at a site licensed as an analog auxiliary , provided it is within a certain distance and height referenced to the analog main signal.

This limitation assures that the two have about the same broadcast range , and that they maintain the proper ratio of signal strength to each other so as not to cause destructive interference with each other at any given location where they may be received. HD Radio supports a service called Artist Experience [17] in which the transmission of album art, logos and other artwork can be displayed on the radio.

Album art and logos are displayed at the station's discretion and require extra equipment. An HD Radio manufacturer should pass the iBiquity certification, which includes displaying the artwork properly. As with Artist Experience, emergency alerts are displayed at the station's discretion and requires extra equipment.

FM stations typically require up to kilohertz of spectrum when carrying a stereo transmission. However, this requires the replacement of all related equipment both for the broadcasters and all of the receivers that use the discontinued services. The ratio of power of the analog signal to the digital signal was initially standardized at Unlike with subcarriers, where the total baseband modulation is reduced, there is no reduction to the analog carrier power.

This was shown to reduce analog coverage because of interference, but results in a dramatic improvement in digital coverage. National Public Radio was opposed to any increase because it is likely to increase interference to their member stations, particularly to their broadcast translators , which are secondary and therefore left unprotected from such interference.

Other broadcasters are also opposed or indifferent , as increasing power would require expensive changes in equipment for many, and the already-expensive system has so far given them no benefit. However, the IBOC signal resides within the analog signal of the first-adjacent station.

On January 29, , the U. For grandfathered FM stations which are allowed to remain over the limit for their class , these numbers are relative to that lower limit rather than their actual power. That station is then subdivided into multiple digital streams of between 9 and 12 programs.

HD Radio shares most of these same flaws see criticisms below. On the other hand, digital radio allows for more stations and less susceptibility for disturbances in the signal. Digital Radio Mondiale DRM 30 is a system designed primarily for shortwave radio with compatible radios already available for sale.

Actual DRM bit rates vary depending on day versus night transmission groundwave versus skywave and the amount of bits dedicated for error correction signal robustness. Digital Radio Mondiale is an open standards system.

According to a survey dated August 8, by Bridge Ratings, when asked the question, "Would you buy an HD radio in the next two months? Many first-generation HD Radio tuners had insensitive tuners, which caused issues with reception quality. In addition it has been noted that the analog section of some tuners displays inferior reception capabilities compared to older non-digital models.

However, since HD capable receiver adoption has significantly increased in most newer cars, and several aftermarket radio systems both for vehicles and home use contain HD radio receivers and special features such as Full Artist Experience.

Cloud, Minnesota where many local radio outlets find a growing number of listeners tuning in to their HD signals, which in turn has benefited sales. The HD Radio system, which enables AM and FM stations to upgrade to digital without changing frequencies, is a different digital broadcasting standard. The lack of a common standard means that HD Radios cannot receive DAB format broadcasts of other countries and vice versa, and that manufacturers must develop separate products for different countries, which typically are not dual-format.

In the days of analog television, the low end of the FM broadcast band In earlier days of television and radio, several television stations exploited this overlap and operated as radio stations a process that still continues with some low-powered stations, which are still allowed to broadcast in analog for the time being. Full-powered television stations were forced to cease analog broadcasting in June , with low-powered stations scheduled to cease analog broadcasting by September The Mayans Buho Muwan.

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