How to Restore Utorrent

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How to revert uTorrent back to Default Settings?
Click the BitTorrent tab. Posted December 20, You may have to close and re-open the uTorrent program before these settings go into effect. Since this IP is dynamic it can, and often does change each time. Use Google Calculator ifyou need help with convertions. Check the comments on the download.

How to configure uTorrent for best settings

Whats the uTorrent default settings?

If you are experiencing download problems or difficulties in uTorrent, restoring the default settings in the program can usually help. Changes to the default preferences in uTorrent can help increase download speeds and allow you to have greater control over the program. However, changing some settings may actually cause more problems than they fix. Restoring the settings in uTorrent will remove any customized download and bandwidth preferences and give you a chance to correct or tweak problematic settings.

Close the uTorrent program by clicking on the "File" menu and then clicking the "Exit" option. Clicking the "X" button in the upper-right corner of the screen only minimizes uTorrent.

It does not close the program. Double-click "Computer" or "My Computer" on the Windows desktop and click on the "C" drive icon when the new window opens. Double-click the "Users" folder in the right pane to open it. After the "Users" folder window opens, double-click on your user account folder to view its contents. Double-click the "AppData" folder, and then double-click the "Roaming" folder.

This limitation can impact your bittorrent experience. To increase the limit, NOTE: Go to this site- http: Click on Downloads 3. Right click the link and click "Save Target As" 4. Save it in your Desktop 5. Open the file and run the program located inside the archive, agreeing to the security warning. Enter for the number of concurrent half-open connections and press Enter.

Type Y and the file should be patched, Cancel any Windows XP warnings that should appear, it is part of Microsoft's way of ensuring its files are not tampered with the utility tampers them to break thelimit on purpose. Getting to the file: Click on thisdownload page - http: Click "get uTorrent 2.

If any security dialogs appear, click Run aswe know this is a safe file. Click OK to install. Ignore the security warning Click Run. It will give the following dialog. You want the program to be easily accessible, don'tyou? Click Yes and the shortcut will be created in your desktop and start menu. Next you will be given another dialog Click Yes, so the next time you download on a presume torrent, uTorrent will automatically start up to handle the downloading job.

If you have trouble understanding yourspeed, consider this: Internet Explorer shows download speed as KBps when youdownload a file.

There is a big difference between 5Kbps and 5KBps. Use Google Calculator ifyou need help with convertions. Click Current Settings The authors of uTorrent have been very helpful in providing a list of pre defined values. Your connection should be near to one of the above categories.

With your results of the speed test you did above, select the closest upload speed from the list. The default download speed in utorrent is Unlimited TIP: This tutorial assumes the port number to be - but you can substitute it with the number uTorrent shows.

Port forwarding is also important. Click on"Test if port is forwarded properly" to run the test. If you have trouble running the test, it could be due to one or more of the following reasons: If so, click this link http: Click the router you are using. Click the application, which is uTorrent, and follow the instructions. Personal Firewall - If you are running a firewall software such as Norton Internet Security, Norton Personal Firewall, ZoneAlarm,etc, then configure your firewall such that uTorrent has access to port This is normally accomplished by starting up utorrent, and the firewall should spring up an access alert.

Simply select the option to "Always Allow" the program to access the Internet. Windows Firewall Users - uTorrent will automatically configure Windows Firewall so there is no action needed from you. Corporate Firewall - Are you running this software in a corporate network?

Bad news - you have to inform the admin that you want the port to be directed to your computer. The good news - you can still go by without port forwarding, but speeds will not be optimal.

This simply means that the website is reporting false info, and the best way to verify that your port isforwarded is to proceed into the next step. This case is very unlikely as utorrent. Having done all theabove, if the website still says that it has problems accessing the port, the ultimate test will be when we do a test file downloading. Let's click on Use Selected Settings. Now you see the full uTorrent window in full glamour.

Starting a simple torrent We need to start asimple download, and the one that comes to my mind right now is uTorrent 1. We will be downloading this file purely for testing and delete it later on. Minimize uTorrent for now. Notice it resides on the system tray bottom right automatically. Click on "Jar, Jar torrent, Source". Click the "JarTorrent" to download the torrent file. Select a mirror and click the download linkon the right most column.

You should get this dialog This is the metadatafile, it contains information on the file you want to download eventually.

Thatis why it is so small. We want uTorrent to automatically start downloading it, so click Open. The "Name, Type and From" may differ on your system. This is normal, as uTorrent is frequently updated 5. The file opens with uTorrent which automatically pops up this dialog scaled for easier viewing All values areautomatically filled in for you. Here is also where you select files that you don't want to download - if the download has many files which in this case is not.

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