Logging in from other computers

From Windows

SSH - Secure Shell
For instance, if you changed the port number in your sshd configuration, you will need to match that port on the client-side by typing:. Hey my friend had his macbook stolen. Its a good thing that they've made a program to do the dirty work for you, but in the interest of building your skills, you should at least do the manual install once so that you know what is involved. Use this form to report bugs related to the Community. It was originally written back in and was completely revised in to include new and more accurate information.

Basic Syntax

Apart from the console, the only way to log into your server will be through the private key that pairs with the public key you have installed on the server.

Before you proceed with this step, be sure you have installed a public key to your server. Otherwise, you will be locked out! As root or a non-root user with sudo privileges, open the sshd configuration file:.

Locate the line that reads Password Authentication , and uncomment it by removing the leading. Two more settings that should not need to be modified provided you have not modified this file before are PubkeyAuthentication and ChallengeResponseAuthentication.

They are set by default, and should read as follows:. Password authentication should now be disabled, and your server should be accessible only through SSH key authentication.

Learning your way around SSH is a worthwhile pursuit, if only because it is such a common activity. As you utilize the various options, you will discover more advanced functionality that can make your life easier.

SSH has remained popular because it is secure, light-weight, and useful in diverse situations. We hope you find this tutorial helpful. In addition to guides like this one, we provide simple cloud infrastructure for developers.

One essential tool to master as a system administrator is SSH. In this guide, we will discuss how to use SSH to connect to a remote system. The most basic form of the command is: If your username is different on the remote system, you can specify it by using this syntax: Later, we will cover how to generate keys to use instead of passwords. To exit back into your local session, simply type: SSH works by connecting a client program to an ssh server. If this is not the case, click on the Console Access button from your Droplet page: You will be presented with a login screen.

Log in with your credentials. I like how if one wanted to achieve OPs question and didnt fully read your answer they might accidently and without thinking simply run your first command and possibly overwrite the remote file they are trying to download with the local file they may have touched earlier.

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