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Step 2: Create OAuth token to Facebook R session.

I gave her my first name only and my phone number and told her to call me. I am using your suggested form letters. When I tried with more variables up to for the same 50 objects, I got the following error: Thank you for your information. I explained to them that there were 2 people that lived here and that was all I would say.

Census data the hard way

I was a little surprised by your question, but there is indeed a package called etaremune enumerate backwards. So you would probably have to manually install it. You can find the package documentation here. Hi Tom, and thanks for all the updates. I recently learnt about etaremune environment. But want I am not succeeding with it is to have square brackets [] in the items:.

January at 7: December at 0: December at 9: And how do you create such levels? June at June at 4: Hi, is it possible to put label to math equation in every item? February at 2: February at 3: The amsmath package can left-align equations through the package option fleqn:. I am using Kile, in Ubuntu Okular as my default pdf viewer. Thanks for the comment with the code example. From your description it seems as if you are using small capitals, e.

Would you mind providing a complete minimal example? It may be due to a package you are loading or some other code you use. April at In the second example, the colons align, and loooooooong label sticks into the margin. March at 4: Have a look at the examples below using the tabular and description environments.

You may also find the enumitem documentation useful. Try using itemize , it seems the description environment is not available in this particular documentclass. How I can enumerate chapters and sections Ex. Hi Tom, How can I list my content such that second line of item starts with some space i. April at 3: Use itemindent of the enumitem package to create hanging indent in lists.

I am having a problem where my enumerated list is running over my page width. I get the error: Any ideas how to fix that? Unless you are using long words that are hard to hyphenate e. See my minimal working example below. Can you provide some code to illustrate the problem? I think you were right and it just had to do with long words at the end of the sentence.

I just added manual line breaks for the 2 words that caused the problems. Thanks for the reply. April at 4: May at 4: Hi guys, I have one question.. Referencing equations can be done as shown in the code below. Concerning matrices in LaTeX, please see my answer to your other question.

May at 5: And the other thing that I forgot to ask.. I want to get something like this: June at 7: Science of matter and its motion. Scientific study of mental processes and behaviour. July at 2: Thanks for your question. Here is an example I got from this google group:.

I would like to know, if we can change the space between the nested lists, as there is too much space left between the first level items and second level items.

November at 1: The example below illustrates how to change the vertical space between nested list items. I would like to develop a skip pattern for my questionnaire. If I have to write three questions 1. Employment a 1st option b 2nd option c 3rd option How can I automate this? Instead of If Q1 answered a or b , your most recent occupation. I think there is some error in the syntax.

Like for any reference in LaTeX figures, tables, etc. September at 5: The code below is a minimal working example showing how I would do it. Is that more or less what you had in mind? October at 0: November at 3: Hi, how can I put the items in the same paragraph, and following the main text?

I mean just like in this example itself: Hi again, I was using paralist package and inparaenum environment, but in order to achieve more compatibility with translators i.

Thanks a lot in advance. Please see the package documentation for more details. I want to margin bullet. November at 2: If I understand your question correctly, you would like to indent multi-line items. I wrote the example below and it seems this is the standard behavior.

Could you provide a minimal working example similar to the one below to illustrate your problem. December at 6: Interestingly, the description environment is defined by the document class and the journal either had a reason not to define it or simply forgot. However, if you look at the class file, they defined the environment unlist which you could use. Something like this should work:. I have a question. How you can change item separation but in the whole document?

I know that is a little complicate but i dont know how many complicate. The enumitem package provides a way to change the default setting for certain parameters. The code below illustrates how to change itemsep. See page 5 of the documentation for more details. I am using the mdwlist package with the report format. I have two list levels, the first list has arabic numerals, the second nested list is alphabetical.

My second lists has increased to more than 26 items. Is there a way to convince LaTeX to number items with aa, bb, cc, etc.? How about using the alphalph package? June at 2: July at 6: My problem is that since the name in my description i. First of all, you probably want to use description instead of itemize. The enumitem package has lots of options for customization of lists. I used that style in your code example below.

However, changing the items manually around will be quite a task. The etaremune package see my post here reverses the numbering in enumerate , but not the actual order of items. However, the spacing between symbol and description is unequal because the line spacing is constant but the length of symbols is not:. The enumitem package provides options to keep the space between description item and paragraph constant. Below is an example. Increase or reduce the space by changing leftmargin.

How to created itemize for multiple chooice test option, like a. Item 1 d Item 4 b. Item 2 e Item 5 e. Item 3 Thanks a lot for your help, Muiz.

If you question is just about numbering the items, use enumerate instead of itemize. If you are asking how to place items next to each other, try the multicol package. How do I created a nested enumerate where the second enumerate does not drop to a line line? You could use the compactenum environment of the paralist package.

See code below for an example. April at 8: Hi Tom, I would like to know how to 1. Set the position of bullets so that bullets are aligned.

It looks something like this. Please note that I would like to have two items on a the same line and I would like to specifically define the position of bullet so it aligns nicely bullet to start at the same position even if I move to the next line. Hello, I need your help or someone from the community. I am trying since 4 hours to make it work in my case, almost the same. Do you have an idea of what is wrong?

Please find my file in my drive https: Share it with others Like this thread? Results 1 to 5 of 5. Reply With Quote 0 0. Originally Posted by gisquared. Originally Posted by pgc All times are GMT The time now is Good to know, Competent Commenter! I will go forth and bold! And to people at my institution who actually use their Outlook calendars. Competent Commenter has competently commented on how to keep your [email] comment style competent.

In academia-specific stuff, I would add a number 8: If there are resources required, let the other person know what you can provide. For example, I get a lot of invites to speak at conferences. But most of them assume I will travel on my own funding. Got a response right away. Thanks for this tip.

I was working as a tech in a service company, and my boss Bill had a project with a customer. Once all that was done, Carl was to let us know so we could proceed. Carl, for whatever reason, was blowing him off. Carl could not escape and I just drilled him for all the answers he owed.

Came here to say exactly what you said. Works fine for me with my work phone. Usually what Alison describes works. But, that is literally a break glass in case of emergencies move. Yeah, you can have compassion AND still need the thing you need. I just have one of those jobs where people need random things from me all day long. Have pity if I missed something you needed: Usually the first email was long and confusing and I got distracted.

Academia is a beast unto itself with deadlines. There are only a few hard deadlines so everyone is used to pushing things. Workarounds include giving people deadlines earlier than you need them and explaining the situation to the assistant. I am unapologetic about hunting someone down when I need something and I try not to take it personally if that person gets annoyed by that. And that probably every deadline has some padding in it because everybody knows this.

At a place I used to work at, people were so bad at responding to email. It really created a backlog. It was a breath of fresh air when someone responded quickly AND pleasantly. A former coworker and I moved to a new company doing a very similar job, where people are soooo much better. We had a lot of those, too. Sorry if this is hijacking See my comment below for context, but how long were you at the first company, and was it hard to get back up to normal speed?

I was at the first place for about 7. Everyone at the old place had a pretty negative attitude that I think slowed down a lot of what could have made the place better — employees were not really treated well or highly compensated, so there was a serious lack of motivation. I really get the sense that this place cares more about their employees. The new place is a smaller company, so people are more personable and friendly with each other, and while there are certainly some grumps, people are generally more willing to be helpful and responsive.

It did take me a little while to get used to the positivity instead of constant complaints, but the change of atmosphere is definitely awesome. How long is considered long? At my current company of people which admittedly is a horrible company even two weeks is considered fast. I definitely rubbed people the wrong way by following up weekly to things. Calling and leaving a message is definitely helpful.

Especially when it gets used when someone is advertising their conference or event on a learned society mailing list. Happily none of my current colleagues use language like that for internal comms.

I have to follow up on items regularly for things that I need to get approval from the higher ups. I just reforward my previous email and ask again. This may have something to do with my feelings regarding the coworker of mine that uses these phrases most often….

Once I was emailing a professor for the sixth or seventh time about something that was weeks overdue. I was going to post the same thing. Just say Hey, I need this info by this date…. FWIW, I am in non-profit management, so I am often trying to nudge folks who are volunteering or helping us out in some that is not a part of their daily responsibility LOTS of emails to professors who are doing talks for us and also board members, who are after all volunteers.

It does not make me think less of the person, quite the contrary. A rare moment when I disagree with you! I think there are ways to soften a request and keep it friendly without apologizing. I think this becomes very gendered very fast— women are expected to constantly apologize in the workplace way more than men are. Women apologizing more than men, and apologizing unnecessarily, is a well documented phenomenon.

There are other ways to communicate ongoing friendliness in your tone. Maybe men should apologize more. No way around that. A few are 1 research and 2 students. Nag if you need to. There are other, much more urgent to the professor things going on. You have to time your requests accordingly. You almost certainly will not get a response quickly then.

However, my university has a hospital which means a complicated relationship between my university and local health authority that is in charge of the hospital. Hi OP, just read this, sorry I asked this question above…feel free to ignore it. And a shared hate for not updating websites.

Yeesh… my sympathies on that situation. I worked at a university with a similar hospital affiliate setup and every single person I ever had to interact with on the affiliate side was an absolute nightmare of dismissive entitlement. Absolutely, every single minute of every single day. Most of the professors I know feel the same way. Could I get you to have a talk with my boss, then?

As an over-apologizer, just wanted to put my two cents out there! Part of me is trying to be overly gracious to try and stay in the good books if I am having to contact them multiple times. And in many cases the answer is yes. You are not a nagging fishwife. You are a worker, employed by an establishment, with a specific title, tasked with a specific function, asking another worker, also employed by the same establishment, also with a specific title, to do their task.

Sometimes people need reminders — no matter what your role, sometimes things slip through the cracks, and a follow up is necessary. Both have made my professional life unimaginably better. That sort of thing has made my life, not just professional life, so much better.

Have you gotten a chance to look at that email? How was your weekend? Just following up on my request. I can definitely see a no THIRD emails rule, but I routinely get hundreds of emails a week, and honestly sometimes a few things slip through the cracks, so a reminder email is really helpful for me if it was just an oversight.

My work also involves a lot of exchanges with busy academics. And my organization is pretty prestigious, so seeing the name right up front makes them sit up and take notice and want to help. For anything more than a few sentences, I use a three-paragraph format. Yes to phone call follow-up! Just had a conversation with a co-worker complaining no one responded to her emails.