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Anonymous proxy, high-anonymous elite and transparent proxy. Despite available as a free proxy site, the users have the option to buy an inexpensive subscription for quick proxy servers and extra services like ad-free browsing, bigger file downloads and ease to access HTTPS websites. Visit some websites through Hidester, and then check your History folder. The proxy sites not just aids the people in accessing the blocked websites but also, helps the folks to browse the web anonymously. No registration, no contract, no advertising. Anonymouse is another best proxy website that has been serving lakhs of folks for several years. When one falls down, you can switch to the other one and gain instant access to the content.

A free proxy service is good, but a VPN is even better…

Access blocked websites with the HMA! free proxy

New User I'm agree with the [ Terms of use ]. Choose different servers for better protection, for avoiding a temporal problem or a permanent ban. Over 1,, people use KProxy monthly for protecting their privacy and identity online since Bypass online blocks to access foreign content like a local.

Get to websites back home when you are abroad. And bypass government or workplace censorship. Enjoy complete security with our extension, even on public wifi connections. Prevent hackers stealing your personal passwords, bank account and credit card details. Hide your IP address your location and personal information online. Protect your data from snooping by your internet service provider. No Chrome or Firefox? The way they work means they can be difficult for the proxy to handle.

This means some scripts may request resources directly from your internet connection, not using the proxy and compromising your anonymity. Those concerned about their privacy should enable this option, but be warned that it may break the functionality of a lot of websites.

Remove objects Remove objects This option removes objects such as Flash and Java from the webpages. These objects may make requests to external resources outside of the proxy environment, compromising your anonymity. Enable this option to Remove objects. By submitting this form you agree to abide by our Terms of Use.

No referer No referer The referer header yes, it's supposed to be spelled incorrectly! Enabling this option will send a blank referer for all requests. No user agent No user agent The user agent header contains information about your computer. This is sent for all requests to resources and webpages. Enabling this option means that we will remove your user agent from the request and will replace it with a false but valid one instead. More information Simply enter the address of the website you wish to access in the bar above and press enter or click "ProxFree".

ProxFree acts as an intermediate i. This means that you see the target website, but the address bar in your browser contains "proxfree. Therefore, as long as you have access to ProxFree. Your privacy and anonymity is maintained since the remote website sees only the proxy server and it's IP address.

In this sense it acts as an anonymous proxy. ProxFree features easily changable IP addresses from many locations worldwide. You can change your apparent location in an instant, free of charge!

We also feature webservers in multiple locations around the globe.

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