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The cost of our 14 month plans are what most people pay for 12 months of coverage. It was completely unsafe. A good thorough review should be done by someone who is able to use a product to it's potential and takes time to reads a product's documentation. Even their customer care did not respond you properly as always give you fake solution like we are working in your area and services will be back in weeks. Don't leave your home unprotected when heavy rainfall hits. Meaning, that everyone they refer, Top10 makes an affiliate commission. This site only makes their money on money.

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Depending on the product, improper use of a product could cause serious harm to someone. That said, TopTenReviews should consider having their reviews audited by a 3rd party to ensurer they are not putting someone in harm's way.

And that goes for many other review sites that try to promote themselves as a professional resource like TopTenReviews If anyone wants to know about the shaky review done on TopTenReviews, here are the details: MR The review scrutinized the unit for reasons such as, but not limited to: Steamers are an excellent method for cleaning surfaces like counter tops, wood, tile, upholstery, carpets and more.

But one of the main things I notice about the portable steamers available today is that we have to use a towel or rag to wipe up the moisture and left over dirty water from the steam. Vapamore invented the MR as a dual function device.

It steams and Vacuums. Any knowledgeable person should have understood what this means But the reviewer at to-tenreviews was trying to use the MR as a standalone portable vacuum, which is absolutely NOT how it was intended to be used. It's the moisture and dirty water that remains after using the steam feature that this vacuum function was designed for. You are supposed to thoroughly vacuum your carpets before you steam them. If you want to steam your carpets you must clean up any and all debris that is loose, big or small.

Commercial steamers apply the steam and vacuum the dirty water and moisture afterwards. They have a vacuum function too. But, you don't use them as the stand alone vacuum that cleans the carpet before you steam clean it.

Proper use of this type of equipment dictates that we thoroughly vacuum our carpets with a standalone vacuum and THEN you use the steam cleaner. Of course it can also vacuum. But it's limited capacity to vacuum smaller pieces of debris is not a limitation, it is because that function is designed to be used in conjunction with the steam clean function. This is a review about TopTenReviews, but I would like to make my case by first bringing up another product: You understand why very soon!

Consider these reviews from different sources on Jawbone accumulated from various resources: Their products are breaking and they've stopped responding to disappointed customers.

Go ahead and look up Jawbone on SiteJabber as well. What I just described has been exactly my experience. The band on my Jawbone snapped and repeated emails to Jawbone customer support have all gone unanswered.

Other customers have been leaving angry messages on their Facebook wall. Rumors are that the company is struggling and looking to pivot completely or sell off their assets. Meanwhile take a look at this review written by TopTenReviews it appears first on Google search if you type in Jawbone review They say that customer service has "timely responses and helpful answers from representatives.

I don't know what world the staff at TopTenReview live in, but they clearly are intentionally misleading their readers or they do absolutely no research into the products they endorse. I don't know how they are able to rank number one in a Google search let alone still exist to mislead more unlucky consumers who happen to land on their website and think their reviews are honest.

Their top 10 list of the best noise cancelling headphones accompanied with their fake numbers were laughable They ranked BOSE 3 in noise cancelling They LOOK legitimate and put all kinds of charts and graphs up to fool unsuspecting people Don't trust this site It is close to impossible to corrupt the file system or files as all free and commercial defrag software that I am aware of use the Windows defrag API.

The Windows included defragger, freeware, commercial defraggers all do. They are all equally safe or unsafe. Top Ten Reviews is a jack of all trades. They lack specialized knowledge to review specific software. Solid state drives are one example.

A SSD should never be defragged. Defragmentation software writers, specially the commercial ones just came up with 'SSD aware defrag' to prevent they became obsolete.

It is just snake oil. Your SSD does not need defrag. Schill site paid to promote good reviews. I think they also hire people to review them as legit. Notice that the 3 5 stars in these reviews are a person with 1 review and 2 people who say they go to TopTenReviews for everything.

Those both have rated a psychic website as 5 stars two. I bet paid fake reviewers. Rudeness, product makes me breakout and causes a rash. I ordered on , on I called to cancel products and Sarah told me I couldnt cancel so soon. I told her it did nothing but cause a rash and breakout. I told her I would not continue to use either product. She said she was still going to give me an extention to Then I spoke with Erik again. They all seem to be supervisors and tell me good luck getting a refund, I said I will ship it back and you can see very little used and they tell me they will not accept it.

I will now go to the bank, then the Post master and then the attorney general and my Lawyer. I have already made an appointment with my dermotologist for verification of the condition of my face and eyes. I didnt order online but took the number from The Doctors show which I will also be informing of this telemarketing sceam! There are also terms and conditions to even make a complaint or these people! I was looking at the questions for a Bluray burner on Amazon and many people suggested going to TopTenReviews.

I never heard of the site but I decided to check it out. I'm an audio and video professional, and am a frequent contributor to an international audio publication specializing in recording for musicians. Their choices, and even their product comparisons, are absurd.

In the audio recording category, they include both Sony SoundForge Pro 10, and Steinberg WaveLab both real pro-audio choices in the review. I personally reviewed SoundForge 10 a couple years ago for the magazine and use both SoundForge 11 and WaveLab 8 in my studio. Their misrepresentations of the features of both products are enormous. I found similar representations, and many more omissions in their reviews of Video software. I would not trust the site for any information. Their one goal seems to be to sell affiliates' products.

Just doing affiliate business forgetting their moral. I go to this site before I buy anything! Their reviews are pretty accurate when it comes to products and services. They say that they review the top ten apps in the market, but the fact is that they put in 9 bad pieces of software and then one that is good.. It is not possible for other vendors to get on the list, so be aware of this affiliate scam site.

They ratings are not trustworthy. It would appear to me that TWC sponsored it but that is conjecture. Speed and infrastructure CONS: TWC may not be available in your area. So the downside to this product is that it may not be available in your area?

It makes no mention of the widely-criticized customer service, the rates, or network issues. How to prepare for flooding. Don't leave your home unprotected when heavy rainfall hits. Walmart deals of the week. Some of our favorite kitchen products are on sale now at steep discounts. The popular band tells BestReviews how to make your own beer. Get out of the house on time with these back-to-school pointers. In addition to protecting valuable items from theft, a good wall safe can serve as a shield from fire.

Best tire pressure gauges. Poorly inflated tires can lead to problems that affect your vehicle and can be dangerous on the road. These handy gadgets can mince, chop, and slice veggies in seconds — speeding up the cooking process. As with any natural disaster, preparing ahead of time for a hurricane is the best way to keep your family safe and prevent damage to your home.

Home Read the guide. Best drones for your money. We help you sift through those options in the video above and review below. Electronics Read the review. Carbonating everything in a SodaStream. The KitchenAid SodaStream claims to carbonate anything. We put it to the test with milk, orange juice, apple juice, coconut water, white wine, and some others. We even see if it can recarbonate flat beer. Kitchen Read the review. How to cook with a sous vide.

Because of its simplicity, the sous vide method of cooking is not a trend likely to burn itself out. It also can be viewed as a method for use in conjunction with other finishing procedures, such as grilling and searing. How to prepare for a hurricane Read the Review. Best mesh WiFi systems Read the Review. Best washers Read the Review. Best laptop computers Read the Review.

Best pressure washers Read the Review. Our mission is to simplify purchasing decisions. We're a product review company with a singular mission: Our research and testing has helped hundreds of millions people find the best products for their personal needs and budgets. We never accept discounts or freebies from manufacturers or sellers. BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for the most consumers.

We only make money if you purchase a product through our links. Research, testing, and consumer feedback. In many cases, we build our own test equipment to evaluate products and test them against each other.

Because reliable testing requires repeatable tests, and just handing products to people to try out isn't enough. While we test many of the products we review, for some product categories we solely use research and consumer feedback. I wanted to compliment you on your recent review and technical discussion of the "5 Best MB Review".

I found the article very useful in acquiring some knowledge of what I may be getting into upgrading my system. I want to thank you again for your Samsung sound bar recommendation. It was extremely easy to hook up and the sound is exactly what I needed. I'm so glad I ran across your site! My computer is giving me problems, so this Granny is buying herself a new laptop! I made notes from your site about what's important and although I may have to compromise in order to get what I want, at least I'll be armed with good information.

I am very impressed with how you do your reviews. I wish I knew about you before now! I will use you in the future! I was pleasantly surprised when I came across your website. I just moved, and I've been trying to find the best item for a lot of things I need. With so many ways to scam consumers, I was just looking for evidence that you guys were really a legit review website. Spent time researching your selections and found exactly what I was looking for. Happy knowing your company exists for the shopper who is used to great service.

I just found your site as a result of googling for info regarding hand blenders.

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