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Copyright Paul Mutton http: Our goal is to get IRC working from those computers behind the Proxy. You should check the socks5 proxy by Socks Proxy Checker before using it. Assume you have a Proxy P and two machines behind it A and B. Start your day risk-free trial now! You can choose specific countries or IP addresses for automatic switching.

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Joshua 35 1 7. Wesley 4, 2 16 You can do some things: You can have a bot to detect spam and kickban the user. Try to ignore it, if you give it atention, he's goal will be acomplished. Ban it until he just stops.

Ask network staff for help, they can help you for example, freenode has Sigyn. Also, you can't ban ALL they proxys because ban lists are not so long. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. We find that IE doesn't support some socks proxies with the port. We recommend Firefox if you want to use those socks proxies in browser. Skype usually needs socks proxy because few http proxy support Skype. Thus when your IE is using a socks proxy, they will use the same socks proxy. Programs such as Firefox and Skype can "Auto-detect proxy settings of the network".

If you enable that option, they will use the IE Proxy setting too. It's enough to use a http proxy in MSN. However notice that MSN will always try direct connection first , then through proxy if that fails. You can use Sockscap to make MSN always use the socks proxy.

Please check the Option dialog of your program to find whether it supports socks proxy. The socks proxy option is usually under the catalog of connection, network or firewall. If the program does not support socks, you have to use Sockscap to make it support socks proxy. Affiliate Program Earn money when a visitor comes from your website buys our product or service.

Start to earn now! Introduce Socks Proxy Socks proxy includes socks5 proxy and socks4 proxy.

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