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Hyena by SystemTools Software 1 review. Avatier Identity Anywhere by Avatier 2 reviews. New renders make the OnePlus 6T look chunky and we get more rumors. You will be required to enter the master password twice to insure that you don't inadvertently save a mistaken master password. Simply enable ON the option where you want to be able to look for information. What is the best cross-platform password manager? Learn more about Virtual Badge.

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Acknowledge the free trial period by tapping "OK" on the next window. Exit the app by tapping the "Home" icon at the bottom left. Launch the browser by tapping "Web" and select "LastPass" from the list of available browsers. Navigate to a site requiring a password entry. Log in using your user name and password. When you submit the information, LastPass will flash a message in the notification bar -- tap this or the notification counter at the top left corner.

Tap "LastPass" to acknowledge and save the password to the app. Edit the "Save Site" information by creating a custom name or adding the site to a specific "Group" preset. Tap "Save" to store. When you next access the site, you will be prompted to choose between opening it with the Kindle's native browser and LastPass -- the latter will automatically populate the information in the login fields.

Tap a site name to view or edit the login information. Tap "Show" next to the password to view the alphanumeric characters instead of encrypted dots. Purchase, install and launch the SplashID app.

Enter a master password and click "OK. LastPass, Dashlane , and 1Password are significantly better than the rest of the field but see my comments later about Keeper , which is moving up quickly. They were all so impressive, and so evenly matched in most respects, that at various points I had each one of them in the top spot.

I suspect most people would be equally happy with any of them. What tipped the scales in favor of LastPass was that it now offers cross-device syncing formerly a paid feature for free. LastPass has the broadest platform support of any password manager I considered, either free or paid. Its autofill feature is flexible and nicely designed.

An Automatic Password Change feature works on many popular sites to let you change many passwords with one click, and a Security Challenge alerts you to passwords that are weak, old, or duplicates, or are for sites that have suffered data breaches.

And the relatively new LastPass Families feature lets you securely share passwords among family members. Sorry—no BlackBerry, Palm, or Symbian support. In a previous version of this guide, I said that LastPass was your only good option for Chromebooks.

The next time you visit that site, LastPass fills in your credentials by default though you can disable auto-fill per site if you prefer ; you then need only click Log In or the equivalent button to log in. If even that is more effort than you want to expend, you can ask LastPass to automatically submit the login form for any given site, although doing so may increase security risks.

Handling saved identity and credit card data is also simple, although LastPass always requires you to take explicit action before filling in your credit card number. If you need to give someone else access to one or more of your passwords without sending the info in plain text, you can share it using LastPass; the other person will need to have or create a LastPass account to view or use a shared password.

In addition, you can designate someone as an emergency contact who can request access to your data under exceptional circumstances—if, for example, you die or become incapacitated. Dashlane and Keeper offer similar emergency contact features; 1Password does not, although it provides numerous other ways to securely share passwords.

One of my favorite LastPass features, Auto Change Password, comes in handy if a site has had a security breach or you simply realize your old password is too weak. When you select a site in LastPass and click the Auto Change Password link, LastPass opens a new window, logs in to that site with your existing credentials, generates a new random password, changes your password on that site, and updates its own database with the new password.

Dashlane has a comparable feature; 1Password does not. Most of the password managers I tested have some sort of security audit feature that checks for passwords in your database that are weak, old, or duplicates from other sites. LastPass calls this feature Security Challenge; in addition to the checks I just mentioned, it also alerts you to passwords saved for sites known to have had security breaches. LastPass works well on mobile platforms, too. It even works on Apple Watch and Android Wear smartwatches, on which you can search and display your passwords and other secure data.

A feature called LastPass Families allows family members to securely share passwords, bank account information, passport numbers, and so forth. You can add and remove family members at any time, give each person read-only or read-write access, and use shared folders to control which passwords each person can access for example, so you can give your child the garage-door key code but not your credit card number.

The most important thing a password manager needs to do is to keep your data safe, so any type of security flaw is a concern. Both of these flaws were quickly fixed. Other flaws and vulnerabilities have also surfaced and been quickly fixed from time to time. Although in each instance the company took prompt measures to mitigate the damage and strengthen its infrastructure, the fact that LastPass is inherently cloud-based poses a risk some people will want to avoid.

Partly because of the limitations of squeezing its user interface into browser extensions, LastPass has less visual polish than 1Password. My only other quibble with LastPass is that the free version shows ads in its Web interface. So, as ads go, these are as inoffensive as can be. Windows users, especially, are better off with LastPass.

AgileBits, the developer, says this limitation is for security reasons, as highlighted by a recently publicized exploit that works against browser password managers.

Even when you opt to store your vault in the cloud with one of the 1Password subscription plans, your master password and account key are never stored in the cloud or transmitted over the network.

You can create more than one vault, too—either for organizational convenience or to share each one with a different set of people. Speaking of which, the options for sharing selected groups of passwords with family members or coworkers who also have paid accounts are extensive and powerful. One of my favorite 1Password features, which a few other password managers have now adopted too, is a built-in TOTP time-based one-time password generator and viewer. And its desktop interface for setting up a TOTP is truly brilliant: And once 1Password has filled in your credentials on a webpage, it automatically copies your TOTP to your clipboard so you can immediately paste it without having to make another round trip to the app.

Another feature, recently introduced , lets you see if your password has been leaked in a security breach by checking their hashes against the Pwned Password master list. So, although a family of five would end up paying the same per person as for a LastPass Premium subscription, individuals on a yearly subscription pay 50 percent more than LastPass Premium users. It does include Windows and Mac browser extensions, and you can use Dropbox or—on Mac—iCloud for syncing.

Most people should opt for the subscription. The main issue here is that there are two different current versions of 1Password for Windows, and neither of them has a complete set of features.

Version 4 works fine and includes most of the great features from the Mac version, and it includes an extension for Internet Explorer, but not for Edge. And it has a rather homely, dated user interface. Learn more about Life Cycle Server.

Customer data management platform that helps tie diverse marketing data assembled online and offline back to real people. Learn more about LiveRamp IdentityLink. Provides a two-factor authentication solution to protect business assets. Learn more about LoginTC.

Cloud-hosted identity management platform that provides single sign-on and self-service password management capabilities for end users. User provisioning and identity access management solution with self-password reset, single sign-on, and standards management features. Learn more about MasterKey. MIRACL guarantees the identity integrity of people, apps and things needed to run a digital business. Offers user provisioning and single sign-on capabilities. Learn more about OmniID. A mobile-friendly solution to storing your usernames and passwords online.

Learn more about oneID. Identity and User Management Learn more about Passport. Intelligent password management and next-level multi factor authentication. Learn more about passQi. Learn more about Persistent Proctor.

A fingerprint identification system for instantly identifying employees, partners and customers. Learn more about PersonID. Portadi is a cloud IAM service that allows workplace teams to manage, control and monitor access to SaaS apps. Learn more about Portadi.

Features include online credential marketplace, identity-centric user accounts, credential inventory and batch management. Learn more about Probaris ID. Multi-platform solution with role lifecycle management, role-based access rights control, and extensive self-service capabilities. SecureONE is a privileged access management solution that is agent-less, vault-less, and based on a Zero-trust model. Learn more about SecureONE.

ServiceControl provides a simpler way to create, manage, and audit accounts across multiple systems. Learn more about ServiceControl.

Specops Authentication is the ideal solution for organizations that need a simple approach to O user management and authentication. Learn more about Specops Authentication. Learn more about The OptimalCloud. Detects and authenticates device owners that are using, accessing or leaving your company network.

Learn more about ThingsPage. Framework allowing programmers to integrate fingerprint recognition in their application with just four lines of code. Learn more about Touch N Go. Solution designed for K12 schools. Offers password management and identity synchronization. Learn more about TridentK12 Identity Manager. Security services solution that offers dual factor authentication, adaptive access control, and transaction signing. Learn more about TrustBuilder. Learn more about Twizo.

Learn more about UserLock. Modular authentication solution that provides a central location for the entire IT infrastructure access control.

Learn more about Vanguard Authenticator. Mobile and web-based software that provides an identification and workforce management service. Learn more about Virtual Badge. An online identity management solution. It provides one-click access to all your apps on cloud and hosted environments. Learn more about Xpress IDaaS. Identity Management software provides organisations with the tools for managing employee access to a variety of corporate resources, physical as well as virtual.

Compare product reviews and features to build your list. You have selected the maximum of 4 products to compare Add to Compare. OneLogin by OneLogin 23 reviews. Avatier Identity Anywhere by Avatier 2 reviews.

OnSemble Intranet Portal by Passageways 16 reviews. Learn more about LastPass Enterprise The LastPass password manager helps businesses save time, achieve stronger security, and uncover impactful process efficiencies. RapidIdentity by Identity Automation 0 reviews. TeamsID by SplashData 30 reviews. Learn more about TeamsID Cloud password management software that allows companies to sync records, get automated backups, and share SplashID records securely.

PortalGuard by PistolStar 18 reviews. Learn more about PortalGuard Facilitates and secures integration between your everyday business or education web apps through a brandable hybrid cloud portal. System Frontier by Noxigen 3 reviews. Learn more about System Frontier Role based access control for Windows server and workstation management. Xton Access Manager by Xton Technologies 1 review.

Learn more about Xton Access Manager XTAM is a privileged account management software with a password vault, password rotation, session recording and task automation. Okta by Okta reviews. Dashlane Business by Dashlane 79 reviews. Learn more about Dashlane Business Dashlane Business combines military-grade security and ultimate user convenience to provide a hassle-free password solution.

Centrify Application Services by Centrify 27 reviews. Duo Security by Duo Security 25 reviews. Learn more about Duo Security Duo Security's frictionless Trusted Access platform protects users, data and applications from malicious hackers and data breaches. PeoplePlatform by Web Active Directory 19 reviews. Learn more about PeoplePlatform Password, user, and group management. AuthAnvil by Kaseya 15 reviews. DigitalPersona by Crossmatch 14 reviews. Learn more about DigitalPersona Fast, easy, and secure risk-adaptable multi-factor authentication for your employees.

Zoho Vault by Zoho 13 reviews. Learn more about Zoho Vault Online password manager for teams. MemberSpace by MemberSpace 10 reviews. Symantec VIP by Symantec 10 reviews.

Learn more about Symantec VIP Cloud-based strong authentication service that enables enterprises to secure access to networks and applications. PracticeProtect by PracticeProtect 9 reviews. Learn more about PracticeProtect A cloud security solution designed especially for Accountants to manage passwords, control access and protect data online.

SailPoint by SailPoint Technologies 7 reviews. Sentry Login by Sentry Login 6 reviews. Learn more about Sentry Login A password protection solution to create members-only access to your website. Sticky Password by Sticky Password 6 reviews. Learn more about Sticky Password Never forget a password again. Oracle Identity Management by Oracle 6 reviews. Learn more about Oracle Identity Management On premises and in the cloud identity governance through risk-based analytics and automated controls.

Auth0 by Auth0 6 reviews. Learn more about Auth0 Auth0 is an enterprise-grade platform for modern identity. Integrity Advocate by Integrity Advocate 5 reviews. Learn more about Integrity Advocate Integrity Advocate is employed by organizations who understand the importance of identity verification in online testing and training. UserBase by Encodable 5 reviews. Learn more about UserBase Login system, user account manager, password protector, and more. Bluink Enterprise by Bluink 4 reviews.

Learn more about midPoint MidPoint is a complete solution providing both identity management and identity governance features. Learn more about NetIQ IDM Automates the provisioning and de-provisioning of users, centralizes access administration and ensures every user has one identity. Forefront Identity Manager by Microsoft 3 reviews. Learn more about Forefront Identity Manager Cloud-ready solution designed for identity and access management. Learn more about OAuth User and identity management solution with social login, multi-factor authentication, and permissions management functionality.

CloudCodes by CloudCodes 3 reviews. LogMote by LogMote 2 reviews. Password Manager Pro by ManageEngine 2 reviews. SmartSignin by SmartSignin 2 reviews. Learn more about SmartSignin Online access, identity and privacy management tool with user provisioning, group-based control, monitoring and compliance reports.

Univention Corporate Server by Univention 2 reviews. Adaxes by Softerra 2 reviews. Learn more about Adaxes Active Directory management and automation: OneSign by Imprivata 2 reviews. Learn more about OneSign Virtual desktop access and single sign-on solution with password management and biometrics support for healthcare organizations.

Learn more about miniOrange miniOrange is a cloud-based identity and access management provider for the enterprises. Apache Syncope by Tirasa 1 review. Learn more about Apache Syncope An open source system for managing digital identities in enterprise environments. AuthStack by Buckhill 1 review. Learn more about AuthStack Control and secure user access to your websites and apps, at the click of a button.

Learn more about cidaas A simple, fast and secure way to manage your customer profiles, soical login integration and advanced customer engagement analytics. Deep Identity by Deep Identity 1 review. Learn more about ForgeRock Identity Platform Open source provisioning solution for real-time user management lifecycle automation. Identity Manager by Dell 1 review. Take the risk out of enterprise identity and access management Learn more about Identity Manager Take the risk out of enterprise identity and access management Learn more about Identity Manager.

LogonBox by Hypersocket Software 1 review. Learn more about LogonBox Greater productivity, more flexibility, single sign-on that adapts to your business without compromising security.

OpenAthens by Eduserv 1 review. Learn more about OpenAthens Flexible, user-friendly SSO solution offering easy, secure and effective identity and access management to web-based resources. PingOne by Ping Identity 1 review.

Learn more about PingOne On demand single sign-on application that manages employee access to desktop and web-based systems within an enterprise. Learn more about ReACT Unique application designed to automate the password reset and synchronization process across the entire enterprise. Soffid IAM by Soffid 1 review. Tuple by First Data Analytics 1 review. Learn more about Tuple Tuple provides the premier digital solution for internet marketplace prescreening and authentication services.

Vault One by VaultOne Software 1 review. Learn more about Vault One Password and access management security for applications, websites, cloud services, and infrastructure. AssureID by Acuant 1 review. Learn more about CA Identity Suite Powerful control over your organization's privileged users to reduce the risk of compliance failures or costly security breaches. Hyena by SystemTools Software 1 review. Learn more about Hyena Hyena is used to easily manage Active Directory and Windows-based computer networks from a single centralized console.

OmniPass by Softex 1 review. Learn more about OmniPass PC client application with multiple authentication devices support, secure SSO and password management, file and folder encryption.

SecureAuth by SecureAuth 1 review. Learn more about SecureAuth Adaptive access control, empowering organizations to determine identities with confidence. Access Manager by Nervepoint Technologies 0 reviews. Learn more about Access Manager Delivers enterprise-level password self-service enabling users to manage their own accounts without IT intervention. Learn more about Access Sentinel Access control server that provides access control management and audit, single repository for identity and policy information.

One by Pirean Software 0 reviews. One Providing a comprehensive capability for Identity Governance, Access Management and Mobility - from a single point of management.

Account Genious by Geneous Software 0 reviews. Learn more about Account Genious Software that provides user account management, role-based access control, sensitive data encryption, and report generation. Active Login Manager by RSconnect 0 reviews. Akku by CloudNow Technologies 0 reviews. Learn more about Akku Akku is a powerful, flexible enterprise cloud security solution created to help you manage identity and access across your cloud. Arnica UnifiedLogon by Arnica Software 0 reviews.

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