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Disk tools toolkit Professional disk tools. Retrieved from " https: HyperTransport is packet -based, where each packet consists of a set of bit words, regardless of the physical width of the link. But the file it is still there. So while we remain a trusted, constant companion to UK drivers.

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E-mail Share this page to my friends. Go to Global Automotive Partners. Tire Pattern left-arrow High stiffness center block Steering response improvement. In contrast, HyperTransport is an open specification, published by a multi-company consortium. A single HyperTransport adapter chip will work with a wide spectrum of HyperTransport enabled microprocessors. HyperTransport can also be used as a bus in routers and switches.

Routers and switches have multiple network interfaces, and must forward data between these ports as fast as possible. Add to that The issue of latency and bandwidth between CPUs and co-processors has usually been the major stumbling block to their practical implementation. Recently, co-processors such as FPGAs have appeared that can access the HyperTransport bus and become first-class citizens on the motherboard.

Companies such as XtremeData, Inc. AMD started an initiative named Torrenza on September 21, to further promote the usage of HyperTransport for plug-in cards and coprocessors.

A connector specification that allows a slot-based peripheral to have direct connection to a microprocessor using a HyperTransport interface was released by the HyperTransport Consortium. The "DUT" test connector [5] is defined to enable standardized functional test system interconnection. While HyperTransport itself is capable of bit width links, that width is not currently utilized by any AMD processors.

Some chipsets though do not even utilize the bit width used by the processors. There has been some marketing confusion between the use of HT referring to H yper T ransport and the later use of HT to refer to Intel 's Hyper-Threading feature on some Pentium 4 -based and the newer Nehalem and Westmere-based Intel Core microprocessors.

Because of this potential for confusion, the HyperTransport Consortium always uses the written-out form: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Hyper-Threading , which is also sometimes abbreviated "HT". Archived from the original on Archived from the original PDF on Joshua March, founder and CEO of Conversocial, discusses how his company is moving from social media to messaging for customer support. Sapho's Employee Experience Portal plans to use machine learning to monitor how an employee uses business applications and then dish out the most relevant information to them.

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