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'Ok Google' detection currently broken on many phones

How To Fix Android “Ok Google” Not Working Problem
Google Now has become a big part of the Android experience and will probably be even more prominent in future updates. Works one month nothing works the next. At the top of the screen, you will see those apps. U can even send a msg through whatsapp just say "send msg" it will ask you from msg app or what's app.. Great things are coming! Turn off "Always on" or "From any screen. Scroll down for the next article.

Get OK Google to work on your lock screen

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You need to make sure that you have the latest version of Google app. You will see all the apps there, find Google, and if there is a new version available, tap Update. If you keep various apps running in the background, this feature might not work properly. If the background apps create noise the microphone gets confused between your voice and the background sound which results in no responses.

Close the apps that are running in the background. Updated language pack is a very important point in order for this feature to work correctly. Though the language is set to US English but if the language pack is not updated then this feature will not work. You seem to have omitted an obvious solution and that is to retrain your voice. After trying all of your suggestions to no avail, I retrained my voice and it worked like a charm.

I tried everything all my apps in assessibilty were already off?? Cant figure it out i did every step and even searched goofle everywhere didnt help either. If you are using a Samsung model then disable S Voice feature and see what happens as it is found that S Voice and Google Now are not compatible always. I turned off all accessible apps and the voice training worked properly.

Disabling it in the Accessibility menu made the voice command work again. Image source — www. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Donne December 26, Bera December 27, I would suggest you to try the solutions one by one and see what happens. Jess August 8, Second thing you can do is retraining your Ok Google Voice.

You can use voice commands to create anything from actual calendar events in Google Calendar , to reminders, to alarms, to notes. All using simple commands. You can also add a time, if you want. Reminders can get even more sophisticated if you use geo-location. This can work with businesses too. This feature is improved in Android KitKat. You can then save it in Google Keep, or any other app you use for such purposes.

Last thing you can do is set alarms. You will be able to use any alarm app you want for this. How lazy can we get in the future? Use Google to open Web pages you want to browse and even to open apps on your phone.

Is it easier than tapping an app icon? It can remind you to do things, it can add short notes for you, but did you know Google can also write whole email for you? And without ever launching your email app? This will initiate the email, letting you type it in yourself. Everyone knows Google knows everything.

You probably also know you can ask Google Now questions, and most of the time, get answers. The sky is truly the limit here.

You can pretty much ask it anything. In short, try anything. Chances are, Google will surprise you. Which Got the Most Songs Right? We tested five music identification apps so that you don't have to. Which came out on top? Read More you can try. And finally, you can tell Google to play songs and movies for you.

As far as I can tell, I tried every Google voice command out there. Do you know any that I missed? Use Google Trends, a powerful tool for exploration and data visualization of the searches people make.

We show you how to find out. Your email address will not be published. Uhhh, not so much. Maybe that's an improvement? It used to find results for, "E. Funny because it's the single most used voice command AND phone number I call.

On the bright side, I suppose the AI isn't going to be taking over the world any time soon at this rate. That's awesome, but with my phone it only shows the torch switch in off position. We can also turn on our flashlight by saying "turn on flashlight" or " turn on torch" The phone calls are usually wrong at recognizing the names - and even if they do get it right - the call still requires me to confirm it on screen - which makes the voice command main attraction moot.

For the Potter fans outo there, use "Lumos" to turn on the flashlight and "Knox" to turn it off again! Whenever I say "OK Google, open Firefox" or any app for that matter it just google searches for "open firefox" is there a setting for this?

I live in Sweden btw but the author said it was worldwide so I doubt that's the problem. It Also helps to increase or decrease volume Tell "ok Google " and say increase volume to maximum. U can even send a msg through whatsapp just say "send msg" it will ask you from msg app or what's app..

Even you can use "change " for changing the msg and " add some more" to add text in your msg it's pretty cool..!! It can also interpret words or whole phrases for you. Just say "how do you say in " and it will translate for you.

Yes, you can dial a number that is not in your contacts just say "Call " and it will call the number for you. You may also use "Dial ". Do you mean say "Call" and after that start saying the numbers?

This is not working, cause it's search for a contact named "Nine" or "One". You have to be relatively quick and clear though, otherwise it will think that you are trying to call someone named "Seven two zero" or whatever number is it that you were trying to dial through speech.

I wonder if there's a way to ask, "Get directions to my next appointment", or, "Get directions to my appointment at 3: I have a location set in my google calendar for appoinments.

There is, as I'm concerned, no command for doing so, but if you use Google Now, there will be a card that says when to leave to get to your appointment on time with various options, like how early you want to arrive etc. I use this all the time for meetings at new locations. All these commands work and there's some funny stuff like saying "beam me up Scotty". They should as long as you have Google Search installed on your phone. Also, you can install Google Now Launcher to be able to do it from your home screen without having to open the Google Search app.

I laughed at it once and it told me hello by my name continued to tell me pending messages I had that came in it told me the time and then followed up by saying not 'much going on here'. I've never been able to make it do it again. It was so funny. I tried it as well. My friend was telling me a joke and as I was laughing I decided to whip my phone out and hit the voice command button.

I was laughing too hard to say "OK Google. Say beam me up Scotty to your apple or android and it will give you an amusing answer!! They are hopefully adding more of those amusing playful answers to silly statements or questions!! For all the hype that voice recognition programs like Siri and Google Now receive, I've never seen anyone really use them that much, myself included.

In the case of at least Google Now, I think this is primarily due to three things: Even as late as 4. GN isn't even able to do things as simple as toggling Wifi, Bluetooth or GPS, which I feel is too fundamental a function to be omitted. Lastly, I have not seen GN work well with apps not made by Google, and there's no option to select apps to use for certain commands in the way the general Android interface allows for things like messaging or Web browsing when multiple capable apps are installed.

For example, I use Amazon MP3 as my music player rather than Google Play Music, which I have disabled just to help de-clutter my app drawer a bit, and while I've seen many examples of orally calling a song up in Play Music work, all I get with my configuration is the option to buy the song from Google Play. So, when you add all that up, I'd say Google Now does some things amazingly, and other things terribly.

It's great for some purposes as described in the article, but it's far from perfect. Here's hoping time will help change that. And sometimes autocorrect just gives up tryong to gess what im typing.

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