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Top 15 Most Popular Torrent Sites | May 2018
A categorized most downloaded list would have been more helpful in finding content. It is one of the few sites I have come across that is equipped with such a degree of functionality and design, not to mention the useful play bar for each single song that the user might want to try out. The site is visited by thousands of users daily while the functionality of the site goes hand in hand with the nice design template. It has production quite a bit of popular tv shows and documentaries like Control Room and wide angle. It is a good source of fast and new movie files while it receives over half a million visitors monthly. The play bar automatically comes to life at the top of the site, allowing to switch tracks, change volume, and even skip to parts of the track, which makes it very easy to discover music.

Top 5 Best Torrent Websites For Music

Top 15 Best Torrent Sites Of 2018 for Movies, Music, Software, Ebook

The site has posted the letter they received to their site. In the event of non-compliance with the removal order, the relevant internet service providers will be required to suspend access to the site. Bajui is part of grupoet. The site has been popular for the last 6 years and pre-release music can be downloaded directly from the site.

There are currently over 37, music titles on the site. The site is supported by revenue generated by advertising on the site. According to Alexa, this website has a global ranking of 22, and ranks in Spain The site receives in excess of 54, unique users per day over , page views.

There are typically many links to cyberlockers from where the most popular albums and tracks can be downloaded. It is also appears that 6 to 7 users are uploading most of the links. The site appears to monitor the status of links, as once links are removed from cyberlockers they are replaced with new ones, ensuring the material is always available to download.

The album art is also available on the site. The Sinde law provides for an expedited procedure for the removal of illegal content from websites or for blocking access to illegal services. Portlane Ab Sweden Registrars: Advertising, malware install programs, revenue sharing with redirects to third party sites.

Israbox provides users with download access to a broad range of commercially available music. We present new items of music and the hot hits for information. The site organizes content behind menu tabs for Rock, Pop, Folk, Country, Soul and other genres making it easy for users to browse through offerings. The site also provides search capability to to take users to specific artists or titles. The files themselves are stored on various cyberlocker sites and upon chosing material to download, the user is redirected to the download page of a locker site.

Israbox has a current global Alexa ranking of 7, SimilarWeb traffic data shows the site averaging 5. Advertising, malware install programs, revenue sharing with popunder redirects to third party sites, and likely revenue sharing with cyberlocker sites where files are hosted. Albumkings is a site that provides unauthorized access to thousands of full albums and tens of thousands of individual tracks for free streaming and downloading.

The site does not host the content, rather the operators upload content to various cyberlockers around the world. The site also offers a section on upcoming releases and advising users of the official release date along with a prediction of when the new album will be available on the site. The site has huge user base with a global Alexa ranking of 33, Delta Softmedia Ltd Bulgaria Registrar: This is a new service in the audiocastle, viperial family of infringing sites.

It offers the same services and same content from the same sources as its sister sites. The new im1music site already has a global Alexa ranking of 51, and SimilarWeb is reporting the site is averaging 1. Viperial operates from the same IP address as audiocastle above and a new service im1music. All three sites operate in much the same manner. Their lists of albums and tracks available for streaming and download are almost identical and they all store the files on dopefile.

The music it offers includes not only recently released and popular music but also albums not yet commercially released. The movement from a. Finally, like audiocastle, files available through viperial were made available through sharebeast.

Viperial has a global Alexa ranking of 27, SimilarWeb traffic data show that the site is averaging 4. Audiocastle characterizes itself as an urban music site that is updated daily with the hottest urban music, videos, and albums. It is our policy to honor all take-down requests! Honoring takedown requests does not absolve them of liability. Until recently the operators of the site uploaded the infringing files to a hosting site Sharebeast. When that site was seized by the Justice Department last month, and all of their files became unavailable, the site simply moved their files to a new service, dopefile.

The jumping from audiocastle. Each time one of their domains is demoted from the top search results, the site is able to quickly reappear in the top search results simply by registering audiocastle with a new top level domain. Audiocastle has a global Alexa ranking of 23, Advertising, malware install programs. Stafaband is an unlicensed service providing free on-demand streaming and downloads of a vast catalogue of popular music. However, active links are always available to the vast array of offerings, despite the fact that the RIAA alone has notified the site of nearly , infringing URLs and the Google Transparency Report shows that copyright owners have sought the removal of just over 3.

Stafaband has a global Alexa ranking of 10, According to SimilarWeb traffic data, the site is averaging 7. Stafaband has been blocked in the U. M Ltd, Romania Registrar: Advertising, malware install programs, and revenue sharing with popunder redirects to third party sites. Itemvn is an unlicensed music service that makes an enormous catalogue of popular music available for free streaming and download. The site is entirely in English and there are thousands of albums and tens of thousands of individual tracks available to users.

Unlike many other download sites of this nature, itemvn hosts the content itself. While the site purports to allow users to upload content, the most popular files are tagged as uploaded by itemvn itself. Itemvn has a global Alexa ranking of 30, SimilarWeb traffic data show the sites averages 5. The site does not provide any data on how many downloads are taking place, but it does provide streaming counts. One popular track is shown as having been streamed more than , times.

Domains By Proxy US. It has in excess of 80 million registered users. Web monitoring companies report that 35 million unique Russian users visit the site every month. According to public reports, London-listed Russian internet company, Mail. Its dedicated music service enables all other members of VK to search for and instantly stream infringing content uploaded by any other user, giving VK an unfair competitive edge over other social networks that do not offer free access to unlicensed material, as well as over licensed music platforms.

First, artists and record companies are seeing virtually their entire repertoire made available to the public without permission or payment. Second, the infringements give vKontakte an unfair advantage over the 14 licensed music services in Russia, such as iTunes, Google Music, Deezer Trava. Music, which pay for the music they use, greatly undermining the market penetration of licensed services in the woefully underperforming Russian market.

At least two courts in Russia have found vKontakte Ltd. At the time of writing the court had only given a brief oral judgment, with written judgment to follow. Denik is a regional news paper and online magazine in Czech republic. It also provides android app and e news paper. All regional news papers are rebranded according to region with region as prefix to denik. It is the second most popular new paper and covers almost all daily life activities and has a popular classifieds section.

Berish is a coalition of NGOs for clean and fair elections in Malaysia. Its website has been blocked in Malaysia in august following the rally and unrest demanding resignation of the presiding prime minister.

Even though apolitical, its has support of major opposition parties in Malaysia. It has also conducted rallies in , and for different political issues. As stated on their website, they strive to be non partisan. Many malaysians have been visiting this site thru proxy, due to current blockades, under the premise that it is spreading unrest, But the actual blockade is nothing but pure form of censorship. We have provided the following proxies for people to break censorship and connect to each other.

Pornhub is a Porn2. The major usp of the site is user uploaded porn videos. Like many porn sites they have a huge collection of port videos.

All videos are categorized into several relevant categories and it has a total of 50 categories and hd videos. They have been features in press many times and have been controversial for their ads and malware installed thru ads.

They also participate in occasional charitable activities which sets them apart from normal port sites. They even invented a gadget which recharges when you masturebate: They allow public registration through which users can post videos and get paid for their amateur footage.

With the increasing popularity for not only torrenting sites but also music-sharing sites, Weblagu leaves its mark as one of the most updated databases out there that both brings users to a quick download as well as user-friendly time visiting the site. With a very simple built, the site has a lot more to offer than an OKAY first impression. First off, the popular chart list is helpful for any music addict who prefers listening and trying out new songs, and Weblagu provides those in a matter of days, or less, hours.

The recent searches part, although hard to notice, informs users of current and recent downloads and searches, which can be very helpful to understand the targeted audience and the region of visitors that prefer this site. The popularity of the site increases daily through their Facebook page that has almost , likes, suggesting a much bigger visitor queue.

Searching for songs is made extremely easy by Weblagu as there are word fillers to help users find content, and even if searches are vague, the results are brought up quickly and nicely so that anyone can look through.

With numerous music-sharing sites out there, one can always find a negative side like ads or redirecting pages and surveys, but Weblagu offers direct downloads through a very responsive and fast server.

As activities of governments to block file-sharing sites continue, Weblagu seems little affected by this but nonetheless one should tread carefully into sites that look compromising, though needless to say Weblagu is far from a site that looks compromising. As part of the file sharing community, TorrentR offers similar activities to other file-sharing sites non-stop. It is becoming an increasingly popular torrent site due to its updated content and fast upload time.

Coincidentally, it is of similar looks to the famous Kick-Ass Torrents site. Functional torrenting sites are considered so due to their providing of quick and healthy torrents for any user and TorrentR excels in this area. The optional categories placed just below the search bar are extremely helpful in allowing visitors to separate content especially in large torrenting databases such as this one.

Users should always show caution when using torrent sites as countries like the UK almost always block torrent sites as soon as they hit the web.

Having a similar built to the famous KAT site, TorrentR has a nice and appealing look and unlike some sites that try to sell adds, this one shows little or none.

On a final note, although file-sharing sites are also restricted in countries like UK, Netherlands, and even Germany and Denmark, some of them escape the restrictions are become available for short periods of time, so hurry up. Moviesz is a very cool file sharing site that includes the streaming of movies, TV shows, music, and provides downloading options as well. The site is visited by thousands of users daily while the functionality of the site goes hand in hand with the nice design template.

The site provides access to its files like no other site out there, beginning with the scrolling thumbnail of movies at the top that shows movies uploaded today. The categories at the top are an ordinary part of any site and in here they provide a similar function with the addition of access to music as well as TV Series. This extremely neat feature is also used when finding shows or music, while upon clicking any file you will be redirected to that files page with even more information and even a trailer.

The streaming option is straightforward and does not require site jumping, while the page also provides a torrent download and a direct download through several servers. Every upload and every stream also includes English subtitles. In short this site should be the one and only you ever need to visit for streaming movies.

The design is equally useful in providing the least amount of cluttered text while maintaining a very appealing design. Everything is placed together nicely and every piece of text is useful and clickable to provide a better streaming experience. This is one of the most recommended sites in my opinion for streaming. Another one of the WatchSeries websites, watch-series-tv.

With many sites of similar base name, they aim to catalogue each every single show that has existed since the dawn of time, and it is rumored that when a WatchSeries site goes down, two rise from its ashes.

A very innovative redesign of the functionality otherwise provided in only a few of the TV Show file sharing sites. Similar to IMDb, the site offers the scheduling of shows to be released each day, and the user can specify which day they want to look into. Also searching for different shows brings clear and concise results while each show is compiled into its own icon instead of showing scattered episodes. Furthermore, registered users can track shows making it easier to binge watch any show you like.

Needless to say, the design is still very efficient as well as has changed over the years to better suit user needs. I would suggest that the homepage TV Shows have their individual box increased to better reveal the show descriptions or make a mouse hovering design specifically for that. Afdah is a site that merely provides indexing of movies all over the internet. This is done by their web scraper known as Afdah, which is used to scrape the internet for all the recent updates to every single movie as soon as it comes out.

The home page warmly welcomes every kind of user regardless of the experience due to its easy use and user-friendly built. The user can freely choose from specific genres of movies while also search for movies alphabetically.

The action movie background as well as the design of thumbnails and the theme color all suggest a certain appeal that makes the user think of movies. I would not suggest but rather encourage the staff to keep up the good work. Before I start the review I have to say that I am biased towards this site. I have used it multiple times to watch my favorite TV shows. The website has never disappointed me and always has been able to serve some content relating to my favorite shows.

Watch series is a search engine for TV shows that contains links for different hosting sites that contain the streaming of the particular show or episode that you are searching for. Watchseries has some of the most updated links on any website on the internet. The website has a very good and simple design, upon first visit the users are greeted with a homepage that contains the most watched series and shows based on their categories.

Users would be able to find the most watched shows in their particular category to get suggestions about the shows that might interest them. The website has categorized all the past and present episodes of the series in a single page that makes it very easy to navigate to the episode that you want to watch.

The website also contains multiple tabs that can help the users to sort the shows that are available on the website either based on the genre, popularity or the newest. All of these features combine to make searching for the shows very easy and convenient for the users. The search engine of the website is very accurate and returned the most relevant results for almost all of my searches.

The only problem that I faced was the need to go through multiple pages in order to finally get to the show. Some of the older links are also not updated and do contain unplayable files or non-working links, but that problematic portion is very small. Overall a good website to watch different old and new shows. The simplistic and categorized design of the website makes it very easy to search for different shows.

With a very simple design, the purpose of the site focuses on providing quality shows and they indeed deliver. The user can furthermore categorize newest or popular episodes as well as the famous feature TV Schedule to see the upcoming releases. The website contains thousands of links to different websites and forums that contain the requested or most desired content on the web.

Filecrop2 has a very basic design and lacks some of the advance features that can make searching for the required files far easier. The unique logo and trending downloads on the homepage give a general sense of the files that are being most downloaded by the users. The homepage contains a tab for the most recent links that are updated on the site, which I thought was very handy but would have been more helpful if properly categorized.

The top portion of the homepage is dominated by a search bar that can be used to search for different types of content. Filecrop2 does not provide the users with advanced search options like file size, category and date uploaded to make the results more meaningful. Instead the users are provided with a results query that is rather broad and often does not match the needed file. It is extremely important for the search engines to have a filtering ability that can ensure the users are not misguided by downloading links that contain wrong files.

Furthermore, the search results are not properly sorted either which makes it harder for the users to find the most appropriate link.

I had better success with finding books and Smartphone apps as compared to movies and TV shows. Design wise the website has a very basic but not boring look. A categorized most downloaded list would have been more helpful in finding content. Overall I would recommend redesigning the search results page as it is very messy and does not help in listing files in any kind of way. The website consolidates the intellect of all its users to create a large directory of information about everything and anything that the users may wish to talk or comment about within the sphere of the rules of the forum.

The website has a category system that makes it easier for the users to find their topic of interest but the search capability of the website is a bit limited, where users have to follow a lot of links before they can land at their desired page or topic. Content and topic wise I was able to find an extensive collection of topics almost in every category, the users on the website also share external links that can be used to download different software, books and music related content, but from the initial experience I was able to understand that the website has a great potential to continue to evolve and grow with time.

All forum-based sites rely heavily on their users to make the page interesting and capture the attention of the users from all over the world. The users are required to register on the website to utilize its full capabilities. The only thing limiting Theparadox. Overall the website has a nice and refreshing feel to it, where users can share their thoughts and learn a lot about different things that they are interested.

The forum is properly maintained and has little questionable material. Design wise the moderators need to take some measures to make it more appealing either by using a better theme or at least employing the whole screen. Torrentus is unlike most Torrenting sites in that it provides a gathering of all torrent databases into one for easier viewing.

It is exceptionally updated to cater to every user needs without the need to search individual torrent sites. It further provides thousands of active and verified torrents that are very easy to find. The search box is perhaps the most important feature of the site as it is a rather unified search bar that runs any query through over 46 Torrent databases.

It is well-known that functionality-wise this is a top notch file sharing site and adding to that the fact that torrents are safe to download as well as upload, this makes it worth your time. The 10 main categories below the search bar greatly help narrowing your searches, and further increase the efficiency of finding torrents through the subcategories represented in each category through a simple mouse hovering. Adding to the fact that it is still only a site to redirect to actual torrents, it still manages to show the seeds for each torrent and thus making it easy for the user to click it right then and there instead of checking from which torrent site the file is coming.

Users can further make use of commenting and up voting or down voting torrents without the necessity of registering a user. Overall this is one of the best and most user-friendly torrent sites I have come across, with the sole aim of satisfying its large visitor base. The design is very well coded and the site is strong in its structure; there are no ads and there are no annoying banners or links to ask for premium downloads.

I have no suggestion as I cannot see how to better improve this torrent site. The Site AxxoMovies is a long-standing file sharing site through torrent databases known to be uploaded at their premium and best quality upon release. Functionality The site is highly functional and dedicated to providing only the best quality of movies, and only movies.

Since the staff is focused only on movies, it further means they are doing a good job at providing any movie links. The site is one of the most visited by torrent fans and veterans of torrent downloading who happen to also be loyal downloaders of specific Axxo torrents. Rarely does a site have such a category to help users find their way, but it is nonetheless a very useful feature as the trends of file sharing grow day by day.

First-time users as well as returning ones will find it extremely easy to search for movies which get listed in a scrolling thumbnail mode for better viewing. Below every movie is the button to further details that takes you to the download of either the torrent or the direct magnet link. Design and Suggestions The design is rather straightforward, while enabling easy viewing of files and making it less painful on the eyes due to the simplistic yet sufficient design.

I would yet add a few changes, such as adding the download options at the front of the results instead of having to click once to take you to the movie details. Although for users who like to view more details, that button is also worth it as it provides an IMDb link as well as the trailer. I would further improve the functionality by also adding a short movie description without needing to click on the IMDb link.

Overall this is a highly rich database of movies and I strongly recommend using it for your movie needs. The Site Icefilms is a video streaming site that contains different TV shows, movies, and other video based contents.

The website contains an extensive amount of old and new TV shows with a large selection of Movies. In terms of content, the website has a lot of TV shows and movies but it does not contain all the latest shows that the users may be after.

Functionality Perhaps the weakest aspect of this website is how it looks. With a dark background and blue font on top of that it can be very difficult to read and navigate through the website.

The website does contain categories for different content and also gives the users a list of popular shows and movies but does not contain posters for movies or shows upon initial search and the users have to open the links in order to see the details of the show. While searching for different movies the website only lists the most popular movies based on the hints and does not categorize them based on the genre or year of release. All of these weaknesses contribute an average experience that otherwise could have been great.

In terms of content, Icefilms has a very large collection of old shows and movies but it fails to deliver most of the modern TV shows and movies. Design and Suggestions The site navigation is difficult due to the weak design and on top of that users also need to install a codec in order to properly view the site and enjoy all its functionalities that are very few to begin with.

When trying to watch a movies or TV shows the users have to go through multiple links in order to finally reach the video stream. The streaming quality is also a bit slow that further hampers the experience. Overall the website fails to live up to the expectation and delivers a very mediocre and sometimes confusing experience. I would suggest a complete redesign of the website, but first make the content easily viewable and downloadable.

The website has a very clean and simple design that makes it easier for the users to search different content that they want. Everything is nicely divided in categories that simplify the navigation around the website. Some of the salient features of the website remain to be analyzed below. Upon the first visit, the user is greeted with the Home Page that contains a basic outline of the website, with sorted categories and the most downloaded torrents listed in each category.

On the left side of the page users can find the general categories such as Movies, Music, Anime, Books and several others. Content-wise the site looks loaded on files. All the popular torrents are sorted categorically, thus making it easier for the users to find what they are looking for.

In addition to easier navigation the site also contains a list of popular searches that can be used as a recommendation list if the user is uncertain about the movie or the type of music that they are looking for. Overall the website has a nice interface and some nifty features that make it ideal for the users searching for different torrent related content.

Furthermore, this works equally with or without an AdBlock, allowing any user to find the site easy to use and without hesitating to return to it. Overall this is a highly functional site that should definitely gain more popularity due to its simplicity and the idea that it is solely used for torrenting and not personalized gains.

Talking about the theme, the website has a very simplistic looking web page design that fails to draw the attention of users towards it. The gold and white colors are prominent in the website, giving it a certain appeal. The website is nicely sorted, but it lacks the wow factor that would make the users stay on the page for a long time. I would highly suggest a bit of a color change so that the golden is not as dominant and hurtful to the eyes.

Tokyo Toshokan is a Japanese torrent directory that claims to contain all the latest Japanese content.

Upon first visit, the website does not contain much at its welcome page other than a few links to donate or search torrents and a search bar. The website has a very minimal look with white background and basic font. Tokyo Toshokan does not contain many redeeming qualities that can help it to stand apart from the rest of the competition in the torrent category. In the functionality department the website does not contain any categories or lists of the most searched content, neither does it contain any kind of sitemap that can guide the users to find the content that they desire.

The homepage of the website contains a few links that the visitors can use to upload, donate or search torrents; other than that there are no unique features that are worth discussing. A distinguishing quality that TokyoTosho contains is being centered specifically towards Japanese content, but an in-depth analysis reveals that the website lacks any concrete content Japanese or otherwise.

Most of the search result return adult or unrelated content that the searched words or phrase has no association to, the website looks very thin and does not contain much features or contents that could justify its claim to be one of the few sites that hold premium Japanese content.

In addition to lacking any good content the website lacks any structure that would enable the users to reach the particular link or content that they desire, even the search bar fails to fulfill its function.

The only redeeming quality that the website has is it separately categorizes different content. The users would easily be able to distinguish whether their desired content is in the search results or not. Other than that there is not much that this website has to offer. The website fails to capture the attention of the audience and visitors due to its very bland and minimalistic page. Regardless of the design, the torrent site yet fails to answer the user needs and is completely outdated.

In short, what is the design worth, if anything, when the website does not deliver what it is supposed to? I highly recommend that the site focus on delivering content, being that they aim to bring Japanese media content at a premium quality. Similar to some sites, RapidMoviez seems to be in a tight relationship with RapidRAR while the main page suggests users to get a premium subscription for the best quality gained through the site.

Is the site worth paying for a premium account though? Functionality The most attractive feature of the site is the scrolling movies by mouse at the top of the page, while categories also provide due effort on their part by allowing easier selection of movies through recent releases, popular ones, and steaming category. The database is extensively large so that it also provides good quality viewing of very old movies, including black and white ones.

On the right are displayed latest episodes for show lovers while just below are popular movies as well as shows for quick viewing. Overall the site provides a lot of movie choices for movie buffs however the best experience is achieved through getting a premium account on the RapidRAR site; whether that is your thing or not you should definitely decide between a premium subscription on this site or just rather go for a completely free site that might offer the same results.

Design and Suggestions Being a commercial domain site, RapidMoviez offers a really good design that is effective and works well on any scale. To be honest, the site looks a bit cluttered with the extra information, links, and category boxes all around, but that is a natural part of any site that provides free movies while advertising. I would suggest a better distinction between streaming and downloading movies in a way that both are provided from one link instead of having to switch between direct downloads and streaming links.

One of the most fascinating facts about the German population is that they love to dub any movie to their own language, including even in their most famous cinemas. As a site that provides every single movie dubbed in the German language, it is by far one of the best sites out there for this specific purpose.

Movie buffs who do not understand German, stop reading right now. The rest of you follow me. Functionality In a short sentence, Kinox. To provides everything a user needs in order to watch movies in the German language.

From the home page to the last page, the site provides numerous instructions on how to download movies, explains their policies, and provides further items that will please even the most uninstructed user that is using a file sharing site for the first time. Features of the site worth noting are the tools and the playlists categories. The Tools category immediately provides the user with any movie-related inquiry application-wise, starting with adobe flash and ending with various movie players; this greatly reduces any bothersome feelings for those who are not quite sure how to start their file sharing experience.

The Playlist category is a similar category as seen in IMDb where a user or staff creates a watch list of movies based on a theme or title, but this feature offers a lot more: It offers a more specific list of movies, ordered from first to last, while offering to stream them completely for free and in a sequential order.

In short, for those who enjoy movies while hate wasting their time, this feature allows you to choose any genre or theme while all you have to do is grab the popcorn. A helpful feature is also the Genre List that obviously allows the selection of movies for easier finding based on your genre liking, as well as the selection based on newest, most popular, or the kind of show and movie to choose from.

With this site, I can safely say that any German-speaking movie buff is lucky to stumble across it while making it difficult for them to ever quit. Design and Suggestions The thing that applauds the site the most is the fact that the top right corner offers 4 different color themes to view the site from, making it an interesting feature in the place of where a possible language selection category could have been.

Overall the design is fairly good and everything is functional to the dot, leaving me with a good impression of the German techniques of file sharing sites. Like most other sites they have grown quite a bit in This Spanish BitTorrent site had a huge dip in traffic earlier this year but managed to secure 8th place.

BTmon was one of the newcomers in , and it is the youngest BitTorrent site in the top 10 this year. The exact figures may be not be completely accurate, but it is a great tool especially the traffic rank to compare sites within the same niche and to get a global impression of traffic shifts over time. Here is the list, as of December 29, public BitTorrent sites only. Mininova Without a doubt the most visited BitTorrent site. IsoHunt IsoHunt continued to grow this year.

The Pirate Bay The Pirate Bay has been in the news quite a bit this year and remains not only the most used BitTorrent tracker, but also one of the most visited BitTorrent sites. BTjunkie BTjunkie was one of the fastest risers last year and continued to grow throughout TorrentPortal Not much news about TorrentPortal this year, but that probably is a good thing. BTmon BTmon was one of the newcomers in , and it is the youngest BitTorrent site in the top 10 this year.

Demonoid For being one of the most visited BitTorrent sites until they pulled the plug in November. Top 5 Newcomers 1.

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