Asus-Merlin FW vs Tomato or DD-WRT for RT-AC66 or RTAC68 Routers

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Permalink Gallery Script to compile the latest version of Asterisk v1. Permalink Gallery Avaya phone-script from g to Ubuntu Mar 17, Messages: It seemed like there was a lot of bug regressions and multiple builds to pick through Brainslayers, ekos, etc. Find it here ftp: I've used all three.

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Mar 17, Messages: I'd like to thank Merlin for the excellent job he has done to work out many bugs in the stock FW and incorporate other features while being sure to keep the reliability as the primary objective.

I have been following the thread at http: My question is as follows: I would preffer to have feedback from members who have actually installed and tried those FW rather than just have hearsay comments. I liked many of the features that I have heard about but am concerned about stability, throughput, and installation difficulty for these open source FW alternatives. Installing the Asus-Merlin FW was painless and it has run very stable with only very minor glitches for me. I am not trying to start some type of war.

My intention is to get reasoned experiences from real world users in order to make a better decision which FW to use. Just Checking , Mar 29, Just click on this link before you buy something from Amazon and we'll get a small commission on anything you buy. Apr 14, Messages: Personally I always resume it very simply: Tomato offers a mix of both. RMerlin , Mar 29, Just Checking , Mar 30, Jan 28, Messages: I ran DD-WRT on it for some time but finally got fed of up with their code quality - there were new beta builds coming out every day.

It seemed like there was a lot of bug regressions and multiple builds to pick through Brainslayers, ekos, etc. I switched to Tomato and was very happy with it. I ended up buying an Asus after the Linksys died - which was good since it started to be a bottleneck as Comcast kept raising their speeds.

Shortly after the Asus purchase, I switched to Merlin's releases. I enjoy his perspective - simple and clean. I don't use a lot of the advanced features VPN, torrent client but for the most part everything's been fine. Feb 26, Messages: In case of Openwrt, IGMP Snooping is broken in many models, because the feature is related to switch manufacturer specific drivers - or their bugs. You can hardly use Openwrt'ed router without multicast packet flooding which resulted in Openwrt's inferiority to stock firmwares in some IPTV environment.

But still super rich features. I imagine it's a similar situation. You probably get less than a half, more likely a quarter, of what you get with HW acceleration. I wonder whether there is any other performance factor. Dec 3, Messages: If i remember correctly, you dont need HW Acceleration up to mbps. Every firmware uses same Broadcom drivers, so if you are having issues with WiFi or lan speeds, then blame Broadcom for their poor drivers. At the end of the day, you need to chose firmware based on features and stability.

Kong dd-wrt has been doing a good job with his firmware, fixing issues as soon as they are found. Tomato is still new on AC68, some people like my self cant even get it to work, so its still in early Beta stages. Merlin firmware is good, but lacks features that other firmwares offer. KGB7 , Mar 30, Aug 5, Messages: I've been very pleased with the performance, but I miss some features that Tomato offers.