HTTP proxy server: what is it?

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You will not be bombarded by ads either. This is an additional feature designed for protection of connections from interception and decoding. Several websites use geo-restriction to limit access to their content. This is one of the key points to keep in mind when deciding which tool to use. A VPN connection is a versatile tool. This enables you to take control and configure your online privacy. Just open up your browser, type in a website address and your connection is instantly encrypted.


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Maybe you want to access blocked content at work? Perhaps you need to view a website from behind a firewall? You might need a tool to unblock a proxy? This web proxy is free — just like the world wide web should be. No registration, no contract, no advertising. Just type in the website address and away you go. First, you make a request through Hidester to view a web page.

The website has no details about you, and you leave no trace anywhere. Want to check it works? Visit some websites through Hidester, and then check your History folder. Yes — if you use our proxy list. The main difficulty is that for connection into a chain you should use special software.

Browsers and majority of programs do not allow to create and use chains of proxy servers. To organize proxies into a chain, it is necessary to organize tunneling of requests: This is an additional feature designed for protection of connections from interception and decoding. Except for pure protection, the SSL allows to organize a virtual tunnel through a chain of proxy servers.

To find out whether a proxy supports a SSL server is quite simple: Make sure that in an address line before a server name there is the https: An example of a program, which is capable to create such virtual tunnel, is SocksChain http: Other example is the HTTPort program http: It can organize a chain from not more than 2 proxies, but it has some advantages.

It allows creating a port mapping through HTTP proxy. You can unite not only HTTP proxies into a chain. By the level of its abilities support of various protocols, transparency in usage etc.

In a chain they also should occupy an intermediate place: If an organization uses a corporate proxy and the Internet access is possible only through it, you can build a chain, being based on a type of your corporate proxy:.

For this purpose you need to organize a port mapping through your proxy server. With this purpose you can take advantage of the HTTPort program http: You must customize both the HTTPort program, and your mail program. After start of the HTTPort program you need to customize port mapping on your mail server for example to connect with your local port the pop. Besides it, in your program setting, you must specify a name of a server and port of a corporate proxy and activate the program, having pressed the start button.

After that you need to customize the mail program for getting mail from the

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