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My account with the name of Kelcey LaRoy Owens was blocked for 7 days for a picture that did not contain nudity. Request only the data and publishing permissions your app needs to provide a good user experience. If so, please send me in a direction I can achieve this. The one I've used which works well for Facebook and other social media is Proxy Center. You have taken radical measures to me and you would disable the account because I sent a message to more people in order to promote educational activities!

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I have attempted to open 4 accounts without success.. I need a reason that I am being targeted. I am trying to access my account i have literally emailed facebook over twenty times. I dont know if my account is hacked or locked but i need help. I accidently deleted facebook. Trying to login, i accidently created another account.

But I need my previous account back as fast as possible. My previous account was Arockia Rani. Please help me as fast as possible. Please fix this problem, but I do believe that someone is hacking my Facebook accounts. They are costing my company money every minute and with no ability to contact support.

Im temp blocked its sad it does not tell me for how long i think that facebook needs to tell people that not just that im temp blocked its sad that now because in blocked i cant speak to my mom its makes me angry. Some days ago, a unknown are person or group open a new fake ID with my name, information, pictures etc. Now He or She posting this fake ID time to time. He or She also chating with my friends as a Shadi.

He or She blackmale with me also destroy my all reputation. Please help me, take quick steps to permanently close this fake account. Thanks a lot 1. Mohammed Shadi with bangla full name. Please help me and the email address. What gives you the ok to do this? That would be like having my page public and letting anyone post stuff like that. This is an invasion of my legal privacy on here. How do you get rid of it? Hello i was wonder if you all give away money I was told by someone that keeps texting me and saying I got the same message about some kind of lotto facebook done..

The girl who messaged me is named Kristy hardison and she said she worked for facebook…She said Mark Zuckerberg gave her permission to call me as nd tell me about my winning…She sent me a certificate with facebook logo Marks picture and his signature.

She even send me pictures of people holding checks from facebook…I would like to know as well.. I recently attempted to respond to FB posts from friends. I was rudely interrupted by a FB message that said I had to change my password for security reasons. I hasten to say I do not wish to change my password. I want FB to get off my page with this message and allow me proceed as usual.

I do NOT wish to change my password. Please get off my page NOW. I am literally begging you. Some of the people are dead now, and this is the only copies of my experiences I had at music fesitvals,, etc. This account is only for posting photos. Please at least let me get my photos back. Six days, no response.

FB is supposed to be all about communication. Please reinstate me, I get emails from friends wondering what happened. For some reason, I cannot upload my picture ID from the disabled help page this time. I was able to do so before.

I included my picture ID in both letters. Please reinstate my account and let me know what it was that my account was disabled for. I also have the same problem. My account has been disabled multiple times even after sending them my identification.

They have reactivated then disabled my account at least 20 times. I wish I knew how to help you. Facebook sucks as who do they think they are to take away the first amendment rights to freedoms of speech. I and all of America has rights. I have said nothing wrong and have done nothing wrong and I was blocked. I hope one day Facebook come crumbling down. Sir the second time my Facebook was blocked….. What wrong on the Facebook… Why how…nd also I use my account I remember email or password……..

Sir I want back my account……. If you have any questions information for the reason of block my account… Plzzzzz tell me.. I would appreciate being considered for such a position.

I am retired from 37 years service as executive director of a non-profit organization involving Native American youth throughout the U. A citizen of the Cherokee Nation, I have also taught high school math and served as an Upward Bound project director at a state university.

I do care about others. My therapy dog and I make approximately annual visits to hospital patients and nursing center residents. Other than that, I have extra time on my hands. With lots of extra time, I need to earn some additional income to supplement my Social Security payments. I accidentally do this, mark as spam in messenger, can possible restore spam messages on messenger? Theres a page that is claiming to be Mark and saying i have win money but have to pay so it can be delived i reported the page yesterday and got no response please get back to me as i know that if its sent fed ex its either paid for or cash on delivery this ongoing and been too long now for fed ex who never even tried to get in touch with me mark-zuckerberg-eillot Is the page.

I have been blocked out of my Facebook business Page for almost two weeks now, with no explanation. The password you send me over and over again simply does not work. I need to speak to live human being if possible. I have an event posted on Facebook. Set it up with my account info for one day. I just do not have an advertising budget that meets daily fees.

I cannot do this. Please stop the advertising. Please let me know, I do not want to be charged more fees. My name meghan blanchard. I like know how I can get messager to work you guys keep locking me out this annoying. You unblock and keep re blocking week later. If done nothing wrong fix messager today iv wait 4 days for to resolve it self.

My Facebook page has been hacked and I been trying to call to see if anyone from the Facebook team can help me to unhack my account. I call phone numbers to call to help me to unhack my account every time I call a number I was told I had to pay to get my account free from whom ever hacked my account.

It will be a week since my FB account was disabled. I Have submitted more IDs than requested. I even disabled my business account. How long does it take to verify the data I submitted? When will my FB account be enabled? Later, a second reason was provided——someone was offended by my political views. In other word, I received mixed messages. Dear sir ,I want to request for deactivate and removed one fake profile from the Facebook.. I give you a account details of that fake id.

Dear Sir, Cherniel Manolang using my pictures in his profile without my permission so I request you to kindly disable his account because he also asking for nude pictures with me. Yesterday I already complaint to facebook authoriry. Received this email just wanted to see if your company was having a contest if not someone is using your company name to get personal information: I have been hacked and my identity stolen. Your techs permanently disabled my account accusing me falsely of violating the rules.

Please look at the IP address of mine verses the one impersonating me. Urgent please unblock my account I have important people I want to attend to please I have provided all information requested like ID but I am yet to see the effect. Hi Someone is hacking my Facebook account n change the nbr he keep sending massages and sending to everyone my pictures can I get help please to get back my account or to just close that account my username is Umu Manha axmad.

Joseph facebook customer support service person. He told me that my other fb account has been hacked by someone ,so they want to put the security in to my account by purchasing itune gift card and dell sonic security.

Plz help me,i am in big trouble. My account was suspended 3 Feb and I was asked to provide ID. I realized my primary email is no longer active so I went in and I have changed it twice. After I log in, I change my password and then it takes me right back to the page that says I have to be patient while they verify ID. I think its because of the first email sent that I cant respond to. If this cant be fixed, 10 years of FB stuff is gone.

Is there such thing as the facebook lottery someone named milinda murray contacted me and said i had won thousands of dollars is it tru. Same thing happened to me Todd Jones I took the bait sent them If this was offensive then why is the FB page still up?

Please restore my access to my FB page. To call so I can find out how to get my money back the company is banggood please help me or stop them from advertising products they do not have. Robinson through Facebook that i have been awarded a sum of us dollars as a winning prize from random selection together with 10 other face book members for heavy use Facebook.

He obtained all my details and i have to collect the prize money in head quarter in USA. This is Tami lively.. This is a scam!!! Got the same by a Nichol Bryant n Manila. Garcia that I won All the sudden I was asked to download a picture ID yesterday. I did that immediately. I have been trying desperately to get back on my Facebook page. I have followed all the rules and have broken none. I have downloaded my photo three times and still have not heard back.

Does anyone know how long this takes? This same thing happened to me this morning without any warning and I have submitted 3 appeals without reply. Have you heard back yet? If so, how long was the turnover time? My account was locked. I sent you proper ID. Got email that it was reactivated but it is not. Can this we fixed soon?

I have 7 years of my childrens videos and pictures on there. I got my account disabled today for a reason unknown! I am very frustrated, because all of my daughters pictures from newborn to now are on Facebook and those are the only ones I have!

Can you help me. Hi it took me all of 3 hours to get logged in to Facebook because I had the wrong phone number…which that part is my fault. Because i obviously changed numbers. But I know when I signed up for facebook, I had to use an email address and it was no longer there.

I was using my current number. It happened to be theirs as well. Hello owner of facebook i really emergency want to talk you i am in trouble. Please please contact me. Fb continually asked me to change my pw every time I tried to log in. Fb now wants me to send photo ID to them.

Since they have miss handled my account I do not trust them with this to safely guard against it being made public! I wish to close and remove al evidence of me ever being on Facebook. I do not need this aggravation. It says I have 28 days to sumbit photo ID or the page will be deleted! The same thing is happening to me now and the craziest thing about it is that they have my phone number for verification smh Facebook is really getting on my nerves.

Face Book did the same thing to me. When they blocked my personal page by default they also blocked my access to my business page. My first reaction was to be totally frustrated and angry because I felt my hands were tied. On day two I realized that Face Book has the discretion to do this whenever they please and may very well do it again and again. In the end I realized I cannot allow any entity the power to have that much control on my business.

So I now see them more like an angry vindictive bitch that I am better off without than with. When you consider the millions of people and businesses that face book has done this to you, quickly realize the byproduct of there actions is creating an ever increasing market for a similar product for past Face Book members.

I had the same problem. Facebook deletes accounts using their own unpublished rules. It is impossible to reach them by email. I sent a letter to them asking to take corrective actions.

They refused to do so. What email account did you use to contact them? Been trying different numbers headquarters. So far no response. My account with the name of Kelcey LaRoy Owens was blocked for 7 days for a picture that did not contain nudity. And then also I have been prompted to verify my identity Buy uploading a picture of my ID, when I have already done this 3 to 4 months ago.

I am unable to log into my account and I want to know why as soon as possible. I need to get back into my account. My sisters fb was deleted for calling someone retarded sticking up for a friend. It was deleted for bullying. My nieces photos are all on her fb from newborn up and those are the only copies we have. My sisters fb account is also hooked up to wish.

She emailed them and they are not doing anything about it. We just want our pictures and her access to her wish account. Facebook has been terrible to us for one comment by a butt hurt person and now my nieces may not get their Christmas presents. They blocked me for a day for posting a meme in a private page. Then today blocked me for a day again, then an hour later blocked me for 3 days over meme that I posted the same day as the one I was blocked for the first time.

I have not posted anything of that type since yet they block me for things done days ago. They are worse than the government in the way they watch everything. I am kandiah Gnanadevan From Finland and ahad a facebook frofile erlier that name is gnanadevan kandiah mail Id is from hotmil.

I want to make a custom change to fb that will help my business but I will need some help from your business. Hi — My private information is continually being shared by your company even though my privacy setting state otherwise. I am currently being locked out for three days due to a post I made.

The post stated that someone I had blocked was obviously using a false account and friending my friends with this fake … inauthentic account. The post was reported, one assumes by the false account. There was no violation of community standards.

I am asking that fb find this fake account easy as it as was the one reporting and block the person from my site…. Two things facebook purports to not allow. I am getting the same treatment. Facebook has not even had the common decency to tell what post I did they are considering as a violation of their ever changing policies.

I advertise on Facebook but no more. I get copies of my complaint, that are unresolved, the copies say each is resolved. I ask for them to resend the code. No code to my iPhone I ask to resend the code. Now i could not log on to my account as they are still looking into the details and it has been more than a month. I would appreciate it if you could help me out or get someone to get in touch with me if they need further details. My wife was unable to access her account.

We went through the usual channels given in help. Attempting to find a telephone or e-mail address has been impossible.

At this point we cannot even delete the account. At this point she has no way to delete or access her account. Facebook exists because of users. How about treating them with respect? Maybe its time for government help as Facebook stores personal info on users. I have had same problem since December I get message demanding photo ID, SS number, passport number. I have gotten 11 reset codes to reset my password, but get caught in a loop that keeps getting me back to the page demanding photo ID.

FB Accessibility has been contacted 3 times with no response. We should make a group to sue facebook for disable our account for no reason. They want us to submit every private information to them and claim they will destroy those information, really! Am I just 12 years old, I think we have big odds to file a complain about legally. Maybe some people say it is impossible to sue a company like that, oh please!

I am sorry this is just not cool. They said they gonna donate their money to cure disease, but how about helping your dearest customers first and play God! What the hell do you think the KKK was?

I agree that Facebook could do A LOT better given the power it has over young minds and unfortunately the generations to come. Stop the negativity and get on being a better human. I am begging you to please remove it as fast as possible. She is trying to runen me. Please remove it now.

I need a person removed from facebook for blackmailing her name is Niomeeas Germez from Dallas Texas. Please if you could she is blackmailing. Hello, A few days ago, I reported someone for using my former married name and a photo I posted in I contacted this user and insisted she use her own name and remove my photo, then she blocked me and suddenly, Now both of my accounts are shut down.

I have sent in all the documentation, Identification and even a photo of me holding my Identification. What the heck else do you people want????!!!! FB will not communicate directly with you. There focus is to put there hands as deeply into the pockets of as many people as possible with no regard for the people or businesses they damage along the way.

Thoughtless vindictive self serving greedy people. Bottom line someone at FB will read this and laugh… it will probably never even get posted.

I never did and all my images met Facebook community standards guild lines. I am a professional model and photographer that had over followers and over friends and lost all my modelling and photography pages. In the last two months I have seen pages that have porn in them. If Facebook cant be fair with their guidelines then Facebook should get shut down. My fb account has been hacked and cloned 3 times in the last year. All my friends get new friend requests and some, who are unaware, add this nut and what info he asks.

Can you people at fb please do something about this ongoing problem I am having? You guys are the experts, not me. Please find this guy and take care of the problem. I have been using this profile for almost 5years plus, pls would like my account to be restored thank u. I am writing to you to have him removed for these offenses. I have in my possession numerous entries he has posted. He has also posted my address using your system. If he is not removed I have no other alternative but to sue your company for complicity.

I would prefer not to do this but I will not allow him to continue to slander my name and others. Dear Ronald, same issue- only its a different person.

I was wondering if you were able to retrieve any satisfying results. It has become a fast moving train with so many family members being affected.

Any helpful advice would stop this very bad interruption of our lives quickly. Thank you so much. Hi my name is John Hanna and I was on Facebook for a few years and just because I was trying to find a place to live,using Facebook and I honestly let them know that I am a exfelon you took me off of Facebook. I have caused you no problems at all and all I wanted was be a part of your website, now I can no longer be available to use the website and I feel that this is so very wrong. Please allow me to use the website.

My facebook page was hacked again today, as well as my email. Whoever did this has complete control of my FB. Friends are calling, texting that my page is going wild. I have no recourse but to report this to some kind of law enforcement.

Is there anyone there that can help before I do this. I believe the hacker has control of many more pages than just mine. I meant should I call your number and go to the law enforcement prompt? My husband owns a business and according to Facebook, customers expressed interest in his business, so someone made a Facebook page for his business.

The address listed for his business is our home, he does this for a hobby and If he did not authorize Facebook to setup this account, so why should he have to pay the amount? We have contacted the Better Business Bureau and we are now in the process of contacting a Attorney to see what our options are.

I am a member of Facebook now for many years, I am constantly having issues with Facebook and all i get is go to help and ask a question. I want to speak to a live person concerning my Facebook Problems and if I can contact someone by phone I will write to the main office of Facebook in Menlo Park CA a nice long letter as to how Facebook treats its member like dirt.

We shall see wether or not i get a response or not since ive complained many times without someone at Facebook offering any help. Sir give me the correct solution for my problem. Hi, I have evidence where i can send you I have been harrased on facebook. This person brought him and his friends over to my home and went in my back yard, shined a flash light in my room. How messed up can that be? Then I got some threats from someone I do not know and he found out where I lived.

These people should be completely banned off facebook forever. A troll reported my nick name , Facebook ,said they would give me 7 days to change nick name , instead they deactivated my account with in 30 mins , I sent them my drivers licensed , passport , copy of two bills and credit card ,, still have not activated my account … they know Facebook is the only way modern people communicate , please help!!!!

I have sentimental photos , people that passed away as friend to look at their old post. Hey I reported a video yesterday of a man being stabed to death in which the man bled out and was repetedly stabed for about 30 seconds to a minute while trying his best to fight back to save himself.

You replied saying it was fine and that there was nothing wrong with it but clearly there is something wrong with it as it should not be going around the Web via Facebook posts. I feel for both the dignaty and rights of the victim and his family that this should not be circulating through Facebook or any other social media online.

It is horrific to know that you believe it is ok to watch and share a video of one human brutally murdering another with a knife.

Please sort this out immediately and have this video removed completely!!!!!! I hope to hear from you soon. My account has been unjustly removed by your so called fair and just establishment I was reported as a fake impersonating my own damn self!! I reported my account had been hacked as other of my fb friends did as well! You could clearly see that my account was not the fake account!

I am so disappointed in Facebook, that you would allow videos to stream of your members killing innocent animals live. There is something wrong with the leaders of Facebook to allow these posts. I am sur it is all money driven but this needs to be monitored. Not that it matters but I have reduced my friends down to only family.

God have mercy on you who allow these things to be shown. And for your advertisers, I would never buy from any of them because of you promoting these postings. You do realize children and people who will do these things to animals will usually do it to a person also. I have been told that people made fake profiles of me and posted pictures of me or whatever they wanted. There are more than I can count.

They made false accusations on me that they knew to be untrue saying I was a sex predator and they did it because they thought it was funny.

You can see this on the Benicia Police Departments patch on facebook during the month of January These accusations are bullshit and I need help finding out every person who posted these comments as well as whoever stole two facebook accounts as well as my Google accounts.

I have been cyberstalked and ridiculed and need help identifying everyone responsible. These people have constantly harassed me for 3 years and have followed me to my job causing me to quit as well as purposely come between me and my family.

Something defiantly needs to be done about people who use social media to try and humiliate people as well as harm them physically. I believe this is called criminal mischief and I have had people try to set me up legally over the Internet as well. Please help thank you. No Help is avalible.. I trust you with all my info.. And Pray you will help me get this issue resolved Soon.. A woman by the name Marlisa Hart has friend requested me on FB.

When I asked her where she knew me from I got no response. I contacted a so called friend from her FB friendlist Connie Njerve located in Norway and asked if she knew Marlisa which she did not.

Since I believe another person is behind this request I sent Marlisa a second message and told her that I think this is scam. Could you please look into to it since I believe that another person is behind this scam. Do not ask me to verify faces as this is a business page with followers. IF I could speak to a person or even have a live online chat that would be helpful. Someone recently made a fake profile for my mom. Used all her info and pictures. I reported the fake profile and her real profile suddenly disappeared.

My mom died two and a half years ago and it was nice to go back and look at the memories with friends and family. I have been trying to get ahold of them and nothing thanks Paul. This notification is to notify Facebook that at any given time if I post any comments towards blacklivesmatter or any kind of shootings at Baton Rouge Louisiana or st.

Paul Minnesota because that is my American right to voice my opinion but if at any point in time I see that my Facebook account has been stop for 24 hours Oar band for 24 hours I will see to the fullest extent of my ability Facebook for being racist. And infringing upon my American Rights. I just got blocked for 7days for stating that Mark Mahan has the intelligence of a turd..

Seems that some one reported to Facebook that I was under the age of I have been using Facebook for more than eight years. I have complied with their request to submit a photo id which shows my name and age. I still do not have access to my account. Seems someone of Facebook did not like what I had to say, so they filed a false report. So, I am being harassed and the company is doing nothing to restore my access.

This has happened to me too! I am disgusted with Facebook. Locked me out months ago for no reason. Probably some stupid prankster reported me just to be stupid.

My son had the same problem twice. Both times the required information was submitted and both times in 28 days they simply deleted the account.

Hi, I am having trouble logging into my account, Everytime I try it say there is an error, that is on Facebook app. When I do it on a browser it says I am not logged in. What is there that I can do to log in. My work profile was hacked, and needs to be restored. I sent about 4 messages responding to your messages saying that the links given to me have not been able to help with my problem.

I keep getting the same response from facebook over and over again. I really need to speak to someone. Can someone please help me and call me back?

Did you get any resolution? I have exact problem and their automated system falls short of good customer service. I would like to get my account up and running and extract my personal photos and contacts. Maybe someone on this site can point me in the right direction. I do not give Facebook or any entities associated with Facebook permission to use my pictures, information, or posts, both past and future.

The content of this profile is private and confidential information. I hereby sue Facebook for disclosing my private information to third party companies without my consent and breaching of the Law. You are therefore advised to pay USD to compensate for this.

If you do not settle this payment within a month ,please be advised that necessary Legal actions shall be undertaken to make sure that justice is served. I would like an update on my restricted access to my Facebook account. I am Publisher and need access to my Facebook. I have sent the required ID to prove who I am twice in the past five days. I need a real human some help or am talking to computer. I am having same issue..

I think the help center has been hacked.. Robotic Answers and a Circle of Frustration.. I cannot login anymore. I want to be on FB with symbolic name. Now I must read a strange message from FB, please check out below.

I do not want to expose my personal documents. My real name is Petras Algis Kazlauskas. I never post material of porn, dangerous, abuse or insulting content! I have only one question. What names are allowed on Facebook? If this is the name you use in your everyday life, we would like to work with you to verify the name that best represents your identity.

We accept a number of documents to allow you to verify your everyday name. Hello, Ai have had the same facebook page since This morning when I woke up I got a message that said it was deactivated because someone said it was a fruad. I would love mine turn back on asap please. I sent in a picture of my drivers licenses and a picture of a piece of mail. I would like to speak with Legal services about posts that have been on my account that includes poetry.

I would like to get my full facebook profile and would like to know how to get that and where to send it to,.. I feel there has been a breath in my account. I dont see pay pall on my screen as I know others do. I am a little confused as to what kind of account I hold with FB.. I am an Investor in Facebook and I received my proxy information for the June 20, meeting on June 22, Past due when letter was dated June 2, This is not right and very untimely for your fiduciary responsibilities.

There were some very important issues to be brought before the shareholders. I dont understand why facebook should deprive me of my rights by blocking and preventing me from using search bar, joining groups, posting and commenting on my groups walls, pages and other links?

This is sheer sabotage. Please unblock me and allow me access to relate and interact with my friends and focus groups again and ultimately to join new groups and connect with new friends!!!

This probleum i face from 1years or more. Please help me on this issue. My all photoes are uploaded on facebook they all are very important. Dear Facebook, I guess the time to part company has come. None of the conservative sites I try to log onto work properly, they are slow to come up and disappear, then come back and disappear and finally the screen goes blank.

It does not happen on lib sites, ever. Now it says my session has expired and I need to log in again. Zuckerberg I am extremely disappointed in him personally. I have to say after 6 months of advertising with Facebook, it has the worst support for advertisers I have ever seen.

I am trying to spend money with you guys. Your support team is absolutely worthless. It takes weeks and months to get a call back or to get anyone to help. Just imagine how much more money Facebook would make if you actually gave your advertisers support. Its a good thing you have millions of people across the world to try you once.

That is how you will continue making your money. Im also facing problem like you,I have sent id proofs but facebook didnt work on it they are very slow I dont know how to contact them.

I apologize for the earlier arrival of this message. Show people having sex on Facebook is not right it should be blocked and if people want to see this. They have to pay to watch children do not need to see this. You can have the people still have this on their Facebook but the money would go to facebook to keep it on and it would be blocked. Completely agree with you sis.

Take it or leave it, minors are as active on facebook and other social media and this should be taken into serious consideration. Facebook and the co MUST stop allowing explicit contents openly on the site. I was also told by f. U cant reach them shame on f. Hi there…I have been looking for the phone number in order to report harrasing and bullying that is going on me for the past week.. Every day somebody is making a fake account with some pornographic stuffs and sending a friend request to my friends and families.

Every time we report it to Facebook the account is closed but the next day they create it again. I am very depressed as to this is causing character defamation to me.

Need some help from anybody from Facebook.. It is my humble request and plea to you…. Pictures of my child were posted on others facebooks and i did not authorize, so im coming to facebook for help into removing those pictures from others pages. You notified me and blocked me without a valid reason. I responded but has yet to receive a written reply regarding the results of your investigation.

FB, you need to unblock me, or otherwise provide me with a reason in writing why you cannot. Did Food of Different Colors provide you with any of my posts which showed any violations in their complaint to you? Copies of the post comments can be made available to you. Did I do or say anything that caused you to lock my Facebook account? FB, I request that you to unlock my Facebook account as soon as possible. Please respond in writing. Hello my name is mr dejon williams and two weeks agp somebody contact me from Facebook head office here in calif and told me i won the Facebook lottery.

Her name was Miss Amanda. They told me i won , Dejon, we ben trying reach you. Please use Western Union to wire to us.

Hey i account has been locked and asking for secure check for no reason and i m paying 68 rs every day to facebook for mylaughing colour 2nd page what should i do now.

Activate my account plz aur plz stop the payment which is recived to u guys. People having a hard time with facebook getting no where bans etc? It is time to step up and do something about it. Ok so a company huge like Facebook likes to hide behind walls at HQ, No contact info made public.

You know what, I think it is time that we take matters into our own hands, Something to think about. Facebook has an office with staff. Not just one but many go to work at Facebook. These wonderful people at various departments have computer email and telephone.

It is just a matter of finding out those not so public contact information and start hounding them for a change, Call them everyday, flood every department voice mail. Someone needs to get pissed off enough to have nothing else better to do but make facebook office life miserable, It is not that hard, someone local who is into IT will have contacts, It might be just knowing who the local telecom company that services facebook. Some people work there as well who may not like facebook and willing so share some information.

Your voice will be heard. I had to so something similar in the past to another large company myself, That thought was invincible.

I need answers because my picture was of a man and woman fully clothed, he was lifting up. Since when did FB gain censorship rights, able to ignore the First Amendment. Nos pondremos en contacto contigo una vez hayamos revisado los documentos que has enviado.

Hello Facebook team, My name is Fayeqa Haider I faced serious problem , since last September my brother with his family want to pass the Azhwa sea from Turkey to Greek. My brother with one 6 years son can be saved but his wife and 2 kids 8 years and 3 years are still unknown. I am asking you for help us for finding them by fb. I beg you please follow me and God will blessed you to relief us for this suffering.

Fb name is Bahram Haider and the number is I have been unable to use my facebook page. I called in several times to ….

Hung up on me several times…. This is really frustrating, and it was definitely unprofessional. Me again, begging someone in the IT Dept. Tell you what…how about offering you a reward? Seems fair to me. I am temporary locked out of my fb account due to password issues. I did create a new password and fb did confirm it.

This is insane…please HELP. This is absolutely outrageous! Facebook is most definitely NOT professional! I just got blocked for 3 days simply because I made a comment on the Good Morning America page regarding the disgrace at the Trump Rally and belief of anti- immigration and Pro Trump activist. I was blocked before for 24 hours because I was being harassed by a women on the View page..

Even though I blocked her she managed to turn something around and FB blocked me and not her.. I feel my freedom of speech is being ripped away. I hope there comes an alternative to FB and put them out! FB never does anything when I report racist very posts.

Perhaps a racist organization? They will harass you though, if you express concern for their lack of morality and standards and block your account for nothing no profanity, no threats yet still, you will get blocked.

Dears Sirs, I cannot make anything happen on my facebook page or change passwords or even log out. Everything else on my computer works OK. I wanted to cancel it all and start a clean page perhaps but HELP just gives me a list of questions that have no relevance.

Why is it so difficult to contact facebook. I understand that you do not wish to run a call centre but surely a Contact button to send an email would help. Do you people actually have a competent IT staff? Same here its fighting everyday locked account, flagged content such a community appreciation certificates images under my name being marked as inappropriate by Facebook or who knows who..

Standard Operating Procedures for the most part are non existent at best. It appears that the new Standards are basically hit and miss.

I too am an IT professional with over 30 years experience and my younger colleagues are not allowed to have nor learn decent habits. I will go to San Francisco to study this summer. Then I would like to visit your office. Please give me a reply,if you permit.

Are you people really that crazy? That Jew and his chink wife have billions of dollars from you clowns, you think he cares about your small problems? When have you known a Jew to care about anything but money and the Holocaust? I like Jews but I despise Zuckerberg and his smug, pathetic little boy liberal sham of FaceBook,,,, If it were not for old friends and family I would cancel it. Waiting for someone else to come up with something better and put FB out of business. What is with this anti-liberal meme?

Are there that many non-Americans here? I have also been locked out of my account for no reason. I thought it was a hacker or phishing scam. I have been sent and responded to about 20 cookie cutter facbook impersonal emails already without a remedy.

Your so called help center is of NO help, as it just sends the user in a never ending circle. I have photos and important documentation I can NEVER replace on my profile that i need to retrieve and save that you are for no reason keeping me from accessing that is mine.

It just happened to me today. Have no idea what is going on. Good old fashioned solid email is still the best. The youngsters today have different computer skills. The FB business model is an obvious success, but their support is lacking. That is, sadly what was traded away for profits.

I end up with the same problem all the time. Really would just like an actual real person to respond. However, this is not the case with FreeYoutubeProxy. If YouTube is blocked at your school or office, you can use it to unblock it. It is a decent website and can help you to access YouTube where it is blocked. It is reliable and safe with a great design and UI. The process of opening the YouTube is similar to other proxy sites and it also offers SSL encryption support. It also supports mobile devices which mean you can unblock and access YouTube on your smartphone and tablet as well.

Coming from the house of 4everyproxy network, it is also a great proxy tool for Unblocking YouTube. It offers all those features which you can expect from a free proxy website and works flawlessly in unblocking YouTube. The unique feature of this amazing proxy site is that it allows you to choose the quality of videos while streaming and also allows you to watch live streaming as well. You can also download YouTube videos from this website. This is a bit different from the one we have listed so far.

As the name suggests it is an organization or more of a directory of popular free proxy servers across the globe. The home page gives a detailed information about how proxy servers work and why they are used. The sidebar on the left shows the list of proxy servers. You can choose any one of them to unblock YouTube. If you are looking for professional services of Proxy Servers, you can opt for Proxify.

Though it is a paid proxy server, just use it once and you will realize it is worth every single penny. You get a free 3 days trial and can buy the premium services once you are satisfied with the services. The UI is simple and minimal. It offers you the option to remove user scripts, encrypt page etc. Though it is full of ads, till then it is working, we are ready to bear ads. This is also an awesome free proxy website to unblock YouTube. The interesting thing about this proxy website is that it allows you to choose your own IP along with the location.

While few IP and locations are completely free to use, you may have to pay for premium locations and IP.

It is just like the Proxy. It is also a proxy server directory and all the proxy servers mentioned on this site are safe and free to use. It also educates you about the working and usage of proxy servers. It features a simple black design and offers crisp information about proxy servers. You need to type the URL in the box on the homepage and it will do the rest of the work for you. If you easily get irritated by ads and pop-ups, KProxy. The best part of this website is that it offers minimal ads and there is no speed limit.

It works like a charm in unblocking the blocked website and can also unblock YouTube as well. It is free and simple to use. The best part about this proxy website to Unblock YouTube is that it places very few ads so that it does not affect the user experience.

It is comparatively faster as compared to other proxy websites and offers better responsive pages as well. This is again totally free to use and you can use this youtube proxy site to unblock YouTube at any location despite any limitation or restrictions. This proxy website is specially designed for YouTube but you can unlock other locked websites as well. You can use this proxy website to unblock YouTube at your school, college or office. The ads are minimal and the speed of streaming is also decent.

You can start using it and will understand why we have included this in our list of top 20 proxy sites to Unblock YouTube. The last name on our list is RapidProxy. It is a decent tool for unblocking YouTube but it has one major downside.

It is full of Pop Ads which can be irritating so you may have to enable Ad Blocker before using this proxy website to unblock YouTube. Now, you can understand that no one can stop you from accessing the Internet and you have all the freedom in the world to access YouTube whenever you want and wherever you want. Though you can opt for YouTube alternatives there is a reason why YouTube is considered as one of the best websites on the Internet.

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