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Is There a Way to Get Mobile Hotspot on Boost?
You can learn how to move the mobile data and WiFi toggles to the control panel in this tutorial. I tried to follow your instructions above, so I went to settings, more settings, but I don't have a 'mobile hotspot' on my list. Yes No I need help. Posting my thread here to hopefully help others and get some feedback. Even on an unlocked device, the SIM will not allow it.

How to turn your Samsung Galaxy S3 into a Wi-Fi Hotspot

How to turn on samsung galaxy s3 hotspot on boost mobile?

I suppose it would be worth it Jul 28, 32 78 Male Saginaw, MI. Pda nets faq say that wireless tethering will not work but will work with usb. Jun 11, 1, SoCal. Anyone get tether to work yet? I'm rooted and been fondling around with different settings on wifitether for root I can't get any data transfer. The informant Well-Known Member. Jun 27, 4 I'm using the MOAR rom and it comes with tethering built in.

I finally got tether to work on my phone Used wifi tether trevers mod Device profile: Just got it working Will update in couple days if all goes well.. Jun 20, 43 How did you get to that hidden menu for wireless tethering?? Change the SSID to something you want, and change the passphrase for it, and make sure the encryption box is checked. Then try adding devices with what you just created. You find the SSID on the device you're trying to add by scanning for wifi networks.

I install this and open it up and get a message "sorry, but your kernel does not have all the necessary features for running this application". Is there one i can use that is compatible? It was very simple to tether my Samsung Galaxy Note This was before I got the 4. It still should be easy.

When my data finished i bought wifi bundles and tried to reconnect with iphone but it seems to not be connecting. Tethering shares your data connection, not your Wifi connection. So while the Wifi bundles can be used on your device, they can not be tethered. Followed all the way to tethering and it works, however I purchased from Boost and it came without the settings option for hotspot.

Is there an app? My laptop will not register a signal from my phone? I have the galaxy s3 rooted and when I start the tethering it says " tethering started with errors. Check the show log" but when I click on the show log it says file not found. Please help with a fix or any fix for hotspot. I tried to follow your instructions above, so I went to settings, more settings, but I don't have a 'mobile hotspot' on my list. Is there another way to do this? I have a rooted S3.

The tethering app does not use my data, it connects to available WiFi. My tab can do that. I need my phone to connect to 4G. What do I do? I have a rooted Galaxy S3, downloaded app successfully but when I click on start tethering, it says tethering started with errors please check show log. I have a samsung galaxy s3 of verizon. My mobile hotspot is not connect error occur in screen is unable to connect at this time try again later.

Any one please guide me to how fix this problem.