How To Configure a Comcast Business Class Static IP Address


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If this is too much, no problem, just ignore my msg. Hope that helps someone…. Also see this screen image. Zo September 25, at 1: Steve April 22, at 6:

IKE and IPsec


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You helped me avoid dealing with the sometimes frustratingly ignorant Comcast Tier 1 support. Of course I used a different device than the Linksys router but the modem setup was right on the money. Hey Bob, nice wiki — well done. Question, why would you need ddns if you have a static IP address? Another question I have; is it possible to do the same concept, with a public DHCP address from Comcast business class? That being said, I wouldnt need a static IP, since I could continue to reference my domain name.

I have tried everything. This project example is one of several similar networks at different locations, some are served by DSL modems and other sites by residential class cable modems that only have dynamic WAN IP addresses.

You will need to ask Comcast if other cable modem options are available in your area. VPN configuration is outside the scope of this tutorial. My router stops accessing the internet when i save the settings if i set it while its connected to the SMC, and if I unplug and then set it and save , when I plug it back in I get the private ip addresses like Based on your description where the SMC is handing out a A static IP address is an optional service for an extra fee.

Please confirm that you have a static IP address with Comcast. Assuming you have purchased a static IP address from Comcast, the next troubleshooting steps are go back to the basics: Your computer should be plugged directly into the Linksys LAN port for this step. Verify you can access the Internet from your computer.

Bob—just wanted to say thanks for this article. I was having this exact problem with my AirPort Extreme and my new Comcast internet service, and your instructions worked flawlessly and undoubtedly saved me a bunch of time and grief dealing with Comcast tech support.

Many thanks for sharing this. A year and a half later, this article is still helpful. Trying it this evening…. Once I have Comcast set my modem to bridge mode, is there anything else I need to do to assign a static ip to each router?

Any info you can tell me or pitfalls to watch out for would be a great help. What will work is: Not a problem, hookup your network as so: To be more precise, you can connect 1 to 5 devices with static public IP address to the switch: Take care that devices with static public IP addresses will be visible to the entire Internet worldwide and vulnerable to hacking. Your devices will be probed and hacked in minutes if left unsecured. Wish I had found this article about three weeks ago.

I had been hosting a domain and serving my own emails while a Comcast Home Broadband User. I called and confessed my sins and begged for absolution by upgrading to Comcast Business Class. They installed the business class cable modem and still no emails. Multiple calls to tech support with no joy.

Now that i knew what I was up against, a quick search using: The answer I needed. Bob; thanks for your help. I am trying once again to make this happen. I got a hold of a LinkSys WRT54G which the doc say is the predecessor of the n so if you know any different please let me know otherwise I am going to go for it. Thank you much sir! I will try it today.

I need to make it work. They are such a ripoff for the consumer. Business kinda get a break, which is ass backwards of the normal way of doing business. I tried plugging them in to the router to get it ready to test but keep getting an Invalid Value error — The router address you have entered is not compatible with your WAN IP address. The Static IP is The router does not appear to like a Gateway address higher than the Static IP.

Is this normal or perhaps a limitation in the Airport Extreme. These links may be helpful: Connect to the Internet using Ethernet. Airport Extreme and Static IP. I have another extreme router that has been running on a DSL modem connection with a static IP for a few years and has not had a problem. In that case, the IP address ends in. On the new Comcast circuit, the gateway address is higher than the Static IP. The Comcast public static IP address ranges are valid: Set up with a static IP.

Changing Subnet mask in Airport Utility. Well, it turns out Comcast gave me the wrong IP address and the wrong Gateway. After a couple of calls they gave me addresses in the proper block range. What is your recommendation for port 80? A common technique is to use port http: Port is a widely used web server port alternative to the default port I have the comcast business server side setup as recommended by comcast for vpn access, and we have the static ip, etc, but what settings are needed to connect via Shrew Soft VPN?

VPN client and gateway setup are outside the scope of this project. Contact Shew Soft technical support for product configuration assistance. You are a god send…my experiences with Comcast reflect everyone else here. They actually messed up our system so bad we had no internet for 6 hours, which is forever in a business with no credit cards being processed! Anyway I just wanted to post my thanks.

Sign up for a Square account and keep the Square reader in the drawer until you need it. I was at my favorite cigar store and the countertop credit card reader out of service because the phone lines were down. The store proprietor plugged the Square reader into his iPhone, swiped my Amex, the credit card transaction was processed via the cellular data network and I received the receipt via e-mail. I have Comcast Business internet service, at my place of work and im wondering how do i get wifi with it, because i have devices that i want to connect to it for customers.

There are two ways to setup WiFi: If you expect more than 20 to 30 simultaneous wireless customer connections or are located in a busy public area e. Buy a WiFi router and connect it to your Comcast cable modem. Should you setup your own WiFi router, configure a WiFi access password so only your customers can use the service. This thankfully lets me access both of their web interfaces from a browser on the LAN.

I set the comcast box to DMZ I use Remote Desktop Protocol all the time so I had to get port forwarding working. So it was pretty easy once I had the right plan. Any way, can you email me — I had a few questions for you jtb gmail.

This worked flawlessly for me. So should be Allow Remote Desktop connections from outside your home network. There has to be a simple way to do this even for a rookie like me to figure out!! I would sincerely appreciate any assistance!!! But this is all still layer 3. The fact that Comcast Tier 2 will disable NAT to accomplish the equivalent functionality is beside the point.

I have a Sonicwall firewall in place of your Linksys. Yet, I can still ping sites on the internet from client machines behind the Sonicwall,.

This would suggest it is not a DNS problem since I am pinging my domain name and not a port blocking problem on the Sonicwall as I have not changed these settings between the two configurations. I pulled my hair out for most of two days trying to get public access to an internal web server on a Comcast business account with a static IP.

The Linksys is also setup to forward inbound requests 80 and 21 to the webserver. After almost two days and three support calls to Comcast, my webserver is now visible to the outside world.

Set to pass thru mode. My network connects to the FVS thru a switch. On the network I have one server which my software people need to telnet into. I port forward port 23 to the server I know the server is listening on port From the logs on the FVS router, I see incoming port 23 to the server but no outgoing. In my business we always disable telnet because it is insecure with user name and passwords sent in clear text. Thank you so much for this walk through. I have been pulling my hair out trying to get my camera to work and finally got it going.

Thank you so much! Bob i followed your instructions to connect my cameras. The only thing different is that i am using a netgear wnrv2 router and was able to set up the port forwarding but unable to connect from a remote computer. I have the comcast buisness and am using a static I. P address for my router Have five total and have the DVR connected to the router along with multiple devices LAN using a netgear switch. I type in the Static IP address of my router on the i.

This related article may be helpful, too. The DDNS account hosts page will show the IP address actually assigned to the router and camera to help your troubleshooting. Make a network diagram for each device in the daisy chain with the pertinent network information. A diagram is extremely helpful for mapping each device configuration and hop in the network. DO we still need to Bridge the comcast router modem or?

How does traffic route from the firewall to the router when on two different sub-nets? You can only reach that Also see this screen image. Comcast can configure the Gateway according to customer specifications. The problem I was having was not putting the right gateway on the 2nd router! I figured from this article that comcast modem had DHCP enabled. I disabled it and it worked. After spending several days on ASA, this article saved my day.

This was very helpful when I went to switch from another service provider to Comcast. I was able to determine how to disable all the functions on the Comcast router, then determine which Comcast ip addresses to use in the sonic wall without having to hire an IT person!

The only glitch I had was the comcast router did not specify the subnet mask on the WAN IP, but I plugged in the one you listed above for the 5 IP address scenario and it seems to be working fine. All of my other settings in the sonic wall firewall were good to go. I am so please with myself. All of my ports are forwarding nicely. I have been able to login remotely on several apps. Had I not found this it probably would have taken another IT person or Comcast hours to figure this out.

Can I use the additional 3 ports on the comcast modem? There are two approaches:. I have netgear comcast business modem Comcast said I have dynamic ip Do you thing it will work like you mention without static ip.

I just literally finish setting up my Comcast Biz Inet. Excellent article and I would like to add one thing is that Comcast can also put the modem into real bridge mode if you ask them but the policy was at the time, a few months ago, that you could not get a static ip address es from them if you did that. I am in the middle of this project and this information looks extremely helpful. Just wanted to thank you in advance for putting this together. Can I make a donation?

I have static block and checkpoint router. Firewall is disabled on Comcast netgear router as above. Anyone have any ideas why this big gap? Used this article and was very helpful when flipping to the new Comcast Gateway. I am also not clear on what the network diagrams of these frustrated people are, whether or not they have physical line problems, if they are dealing with VOIP, or not. More expensive devices include the better engineering and the greater processing power.

While 15 years ago the web was a lot less complicated, today it is and small offices NEED to spend the money on more power than what was assumed years ago. Comcast online documentation suggests the static routing needs to be set-up in the Comcast Gateway for the relationship with the Juniper firewall — but, it is not clear what the Gateway IP should be, or the Destination IP for that matter.

This article and the discussions are all really close to what I need, but just a bit off of getting the specifics. It would seem this is a simple matter, apparently not. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. However, these references may help:. Seems this should work… missing something? Odd thing is none of the statics other than gateway IP were usable until after a call to support.

I have similar setup working elsewhere non-comcast. Maybe another SonicWall user on this post has a reply. We plan to scale back to 5 IPs.

In addition we have Comcast Voip using an Avaya V2 controller and a separate Comcast modem for that. The phones use the LAN to connect to the controller. What I would like to do is dedicate Later we will need to assign the other WAN static addresses to specific static addresses on the LAN perhaps the phone controller.

Your router configuration will decide where to route the static IP addresses. I have followed your instructions above and still can not get an ipsec remote vpn tunnel to work. Comcast replaced the Cisco DCP with the Netgear router you are showing above and it is configured exactly as you describe. We have one static public IP from Comcast.

Any ideas on what can be done? It also is not possible to enter a static route to the public ip on the ASA, I can only static route to the It all depends on your internal router.

Hope that helps someone…. I checked your article and my configuration and yours are the same. But the Netgear appears to be blocking email coming in to my exchange server. I am able to send but not receive. This all worked just fine with the SMC , but that device does not support higher speeds. Comcast replaced it with the Netgear, now I can not receive email. I think the e-mail problem is due to a firewall configuration issue. Zywall tech support should be able to help you with the DMZ setup and debugging the inbound e-mail blocking.

I am also running SBS at work. I have another useable static IP address from Comcast that I am not using since my set up prior to changing to Comcast did not require it. Internally I have my LAN gateway set up as Here is my problem. I can RDP in from home but I have persistent reconnect issues, often every minute or two. Have you heard about this being an issues with Comcast business modems?

Would your setup regarding the bridge configuration with a second modem remedy this situation as well? Again, when RDPing to the office my connection hangs constantly and sometime discounts altogether although after about 30 seconds it will reconnect only to hang again. Would I keep this open on the Comcast modem or open them on the new modem? See the link for details and list of approved cable modems.

However the article states:. What I would do is: Makes it stand out better when reading diagrams or reviewing packet captures. It as been apparent to all 4 of the agents I spoke to.

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