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I fear this topic here is focused know-how pool of the inner workings of the collaboration edge infrastructure so I am posting my question here. Login with your customer zone details, you will be automatically routed to the ADSL screen, where you can view your usage. Enter it in the One-Time Password field. You can get latest playlists from here. Cannot get any channels since the protection was introduced.

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Must be something with the User-agent restrictions. You should have access, we see users in the server logs there is not any problem about android, cm12 may have caused the your problem. Hi Ich bin nur ein rookie! Ich hab nen zenmat account! Kann mir da jemand weiter helfen! Hello, I have a question regarding rytecepgdownloader and I am particularly interested in why I can not see the program KODI to see the TV guide , I think EPG for many channels often happens that writes not merged something and then when I want to see the EPG unfortunately I can not see what is wrong and how in order to resolve this matter and to get the EPG of other channels.

In your list two programs are the same: Both programs shows the SWR. Vpn wird wohl auf dem aftv stick nicht funktionieren. Wenn ich das richtig verstanden habe, muss der aftv gerootet sein.

Und meiner ist es nicht…. Die meisten deutschen Sender haben sowieso nie wirklich funktioniert. Wie es geht, findest du auf mydealz. Kannst auch dort Kommentare lesen. Hi, ich brauche Hilfe. Wie kann ich deutschsprachige Sender weiter nutzen? In keiner davon ist in den Systemeistellungen Internet Access vorhanden. Bei allen von mir Installierten Versionen sieht es an besagter Stelle wo es sein sollte so aus.

Welchen ISP habt ihr?? Bei mir geht nix. Einen proxy mit dem es wieder hell wird, hab ich auch nicht gefunden. Proxys waren online, alles lief, bis auf TV. Hallo, die liste bzw sender funktionieren nicht mehr mit dem playlistloader.

Weiss jmd den Grund? Iptv simplecclient ohne probleme aber playlistloader ohne erfolg. Im Moment funktionieren sie nicht. Gibt es da Hoffnung dass es bald wieder geht? Oder hat jemand Tips wo es qualitativ gute und stabile Quellen gibt? Only few channel runs without problem. Thank you in advance. How can I find logs to tell me what is wrong if this is not the problem?

Open failed with code for http: Open — failed to open source Checked, there is no problem, some french users reported the problem about access to our site.

Maybe this is the cause of your problem. It needs just a URL or gz? Does it exist or can it be done? We do not provide any url because of it overload the servers. Can you put the file here so I can download it please?

Mit Zenmate funktioniert es sehr gut. Keine Aussetzer, auch Abends nicht. Seit ein paar tagen zeigen wie ard,zdf, NDR usw immer den ganzen tag das gleiche an. Windows 10 funktioniert alles super. Could you remove it from the German channels group? Could you please add some Romanian channels too? Especially Digisport 1,2,3,4 and Eurosport 1 and 2 and Dolcesport 1,2,3,4. Hi, immer dieser VPN geldmacherei. Wenn deutsche Sender weg dann halt weg.

Vom Provider wird nichts geblockt. Only 3 day available: Hi, no changes were made on group names. Reload the playlist if the problem continue, please take a screenshot and send to info iptvsaga.

Dann werden nur noch ca. Senegal to be exact. I have install Kodi servel times. The problem that some people have is that the servers filters out the User-agent header. Its actually not the desired behaviour, what is intended by the responsibles, I am pretty sure. Would appreciate if this issue would be fixed by the Admin, thanks! Wie gesagt, es betrifft nur einige Sender. Hat jemand eine Idee?

Only 3 days available: I think there are many people watching and than it began to stottering ore in the worst case the german channels are comletly down. So I dont want to juge you guys because you did a relly good job. So i want to support that what you doing. Wat can I do? I would donate some money if that helps ore helping with other work. This Problem for a long time I never had. Now all channels working perfectly!

But some of them are changed. Pro7 is Pro7 Maxx etc. Can you already fix this? Thank you so much for your great work! Rytec EPG Downloader not working anymore! Grrr Also manual download not working! Tried reinstall, reset epg, reset of pvr database in Kodi, but no success!

Problem started at time change to summertime! Yesterday it works perfectly. All working, be sure about your ISP has not been blocked by provider or check your vpn connection. Hi Marcello, is the third time I am asking to add addicional channels to the Portuguese List.

Here are some channels with the links that work. Please add them as soon as possible, there are lots of Portuguese viewers around the world that rely on your channels playlist. Thank You in advanced. We never add to paid channels, if you have more non-commercial channels we will be glad to adding. Hallo ich habe eine IP mit 77 und bis heute morgen hat alles wunderbar funktioniert mit den TV Sendern aber Jetzt geht nichts mehr, kann mir jemand sagen woran es liegt.

Vorher ging alles ohne Proxy und jetzt seit gestern nicht mehr? Same here… O2 bisher alles wunderbar, in 6 Monaten nicht ein einziges mal Buffering, aber seit ein paar Tagen keine Ahnung wann genau, maximal ne halbe Woche, schau zur Zeit nicht so oft gar nix mehr. Can you help me? I have fire stick i set up the way you said , i see the download progress but when i checked the channel no tv guide , what i do wrong? Channels are loading nothing happen Error, could not open file http: Will the service be fixed?

Could you perhaps give us an update? I think it is not the provider. Maybe the streams are now regionally blocked at your site already? Already thought this would be the problem. Not working any channel! Always load, but not seen. Windows 7 with kodi isengard. Posted by Admin April 13, Provider set to geo blocking. Accessible only with swiss ip. We already announced to necessary explanation. Most countries blocked by stream provider, you can get access via VPN with swiss locations. I install oneclickvpn on Fire TV and it works but laggi.

And the vpn is gratis. Have someone a bezter vpn for free with Swiss IP support. First of all, thank you for all your work to date, and putting up with a lot of nonsense. I have enjoyed using all the French, Italian and English channels. We have had some interruptions, from which there was recovery.

With regards to channels in the languages I mentioned, this latest incident is NOT due to geo blocking, or at least to the type of geo-blocking which can be resolved with a normal VPN. This add-on continues to work flawlessly, but all the French channels provided through your setup are not working. The Italian channels are the same. So I surmise that the links provided are no longer good, or more likely there is another issue, as it is very difficult that suddenly ALL links are dead.

They have not been working for a week. Ich habe vyprvpn auf dem Fire TV installiert. Funktioniert gut mit der standart Fernbedienung. Es ist gratis und es lagt nicht. Hatte es 5 mal probiert und nichts, angezeigte geschwindigkeit was 28bps was laecherlich ist.

Denke mal alle kostenlose zum ausprobieren haben das gleiche problem. Un dieses so called geo blocking passiert si alle paar monate. Doch ein wenig bedenklich. I installed Zenmate but my trial runs out in a months time… what do I do then? All german channels working super on Raspberry Pi with Openelec. I use private internet access with swiss ip. There is no buffering. Endlich funktioniert es perfekt! Ich musste nur die advancedsettings.

Nun laufen seit gestern Abend alle Sender ohne ruckeln usw.. Is the server or automated system down? I even plugged in a formatted usb drive and still no manual download so the problem is not on my end. Gibt es jetzt einen freien Proxy mit dem das deutsche Angebot wieder funktioniert?

Irgendwie funktionieren keine einzigen Sender mehr. Hi Admin, although I am running Zenmate premium addition country set to Switzerland I am still unable to connect to any of the sites. What am I doing wrong? Hi admin, i downloaded VPN for openelec running kodi on raspberry pi 3 and configured the vpn to connect to a swiss ip.

Theres just a loading screen going on for a minute and then it throws me back to the channel list. Any idea how i can fix this? Is there any reason why they appeared only for a couple of hours in the playlist.

Might be you can put them back on I appreciate all your effort. I am from Austria. April all German Chanel does not working. And the Chanels form another Coutrys, is the same problem not working.

I am only interested in Austria and Swiss Channels: It would be perfect to add here also the Swiss Channels. This would be excellent! Before I pay for VPN to see e. Any stream that is HD is constantly buffering. SD streams still work well. Yet, all HD streams are consistently buffering. I have also tried two different VPN providers to no avail.

I wish we could get some relief. For some time you have provided the BEST iptv experience for expats wishing to receive european channels. I do not know where the network problem lies and I hope you can find a fix for us. I understand all the efforts you must put in to this project and I wish you success.

Hi, Sorry to say the problems persist. The situation has become better, but it is still bad enough that most channels are unwatchable. Any further effort to improve the situation would be welcome. Hello… all Logo resources from tvip.

It is better to read previously. Everything is going very well! You only need a swiss vpn server! Admin Thank you for your work and maintenance. In my case everything works without any trouble till months! Wow thank you, that was realy fast. Zenmate 3 month for free …. Hi Admin First I want to thank x for the great service and the great work.

That would be really nice. Posted by Francisco June 3, Posted by admin June 3, Post updated, no need install the addon. Posted by Pat June 4, Posted by Greg July 5, Posted by admin July 5, Posted by admin July 7, Posted by Frozen November 26, Sorry, my english is not good. Best regards from portugal Congrats for the project. Posted by Dig July 6, Posted by admin July 6, Posted by Dig July 14, Posted by Rick July 7, Posted by Tommy July 8, Posted by admin July 8, Hi, it already includes english channels but seems like a problem.

Posted by admin July 13, Posted by Steff July 8, Hey, thanks a lot for the links. Klappt bei dir der EPG? Posted by Rick July 8, Posted by Rick July 9, Posted by admin July 9, Posted by Greg July 27, Posted by admin July 27, Posted by Frenchy July 30, Epic, works well, would be good if you good add your Favs. Posted by Boco August 2, Posted by admin August 2, Posted by Dig August 10, Thanks a lot… I wonder if you may be able to add some more Italian channels that may be quite interesting: Ah yes, I almost forgot: Posted by admin August 14, Posted by Rick August 14, Posted by Rick August 15, Posted by jimmy August 15, Posted by admin August 15, Posted by Claude August 15, Posted by Zazou August 15, Hi, yes there is a problem just show a few channels i hope will fix soon.

Posted by Frenchy August 16, Posted by admin August 16, Posted by jimmy August 16, Posted by franco August 16, We do not prepare this list, you have to request on http: Posted by Claude August 17, Posted by reda August 22, Posted by admin August 22, Hi, just for now http: Posted by MMeirolas August 24, Posted by Frenchy August 28, What steps can we take to fix the EPG issue. Posted by jimmy September 17, Posted by kmi September 17, Posted by Marcello September 17, Posted by SmBD September 17, Posted by admin September 17, Thank you for this quick update but not working for me: Posted by kmi September 18, FR Channels Feedback after update 09 17 Posted by thesraid September 18, Posted by jimmy September 20, Posted by g September 24, Posted by orione September 24, Italian Channel is down.

Hope you fix them. Posted by kmi September 25, Posted by Claude September 28, Posted by Claude September 27, Please fix this ASAP!!!!! Posted by Marcello September 29, Posted by marin October 2, Posted by Richiefin October 6, Posted by admin October 6, Posted by Rocket October 6, Posted by Pablo October 8, Posted by Destiny October 11, Posted by Rocket October 11, Posted by Pablo October 13, Posted by Rocket October 16, Posted by silviu October 18, Posted by silviu October 19, Posted by janek October 22, Posted by jelle October 26, Posted by loutriju October 27, Posted by Marcello October 28, The problem was reported.

I hope that the time will soon be resolved. Posted by kmi October 28, Posted by admin October 29, Posted by Nino February 11, I just wonder way no Swedish channels came up after coses that? Posted by Superg October 31, Could you check it? Posted by admin November 1, Posted by Tadys November 1, Posted by G November 2, Posted by kmi November 2, Posted by F November 3, Posted by benjalin November 4, Posted by G November 5, I wonder when they can be brought back. Posted by Max November 10, Could you repair it, please?

Posted by admin November 10, Posted by c3po November 10, Hi, yes it was fixed the last days, but now it is offline indeed: Posted by smile November 10, Posted by Chapu November 10, Hi there, It has been working fine all day, but stopped allmost all channels this evening.

Posted by Testbar November 10, Posted by nokia35 November 10, Posted by Palatkik November 11, Can we have the UK channels up and working again please?

Down since end of yesterday. Posted by Bangs November 11, Posted by Yohann November 11, Posted by Mintyfrenchy November 11, I can see this never coming back sadly! If the project has been dropped!? Posted by Marcello November 11, Posted by c3po November 11, Posted by admin November 12, Posted by G November 12, Posted by kmi November 12, Problem is seems like about your internet speed all working without freezing. Posted by Nik November 12, Posted by Dubi November 12, Posted by joe November 12, Still not working in Kodi with high speed internet Thanks for all your work.

Posted by Che November 12, Hey, This links doesnt work with my raspberry pi?! Posted by Frank November 12, Posted by Abba November 13, Posted by admin November 13, Posted by Lurker November 13, Posted by nokia35 November 13, Posted by doll November 13, Posted by Yohann November 13, Posted by Lausbua November 13, Posted by Artur November 14, Posted by kmi November 14, Posted by Jackie Chan November 14, Anyway big thanks and keep doing the good work.

Just for your information, I live in Thailand. Posted by Marcello November 14, Thank you very much and best regards. Posted by kmi November 15, Posted by abbaly November 26, Posted by Stefan November 15, Is there a way to download the playlist manually? Posted by admin November 15, It is not extension, seems like specific problems to openelec and raspberry. Posted by Zak Raspi November 15, Posted by Zak Raspi November 16, Posted by Clever Penguin November 16, Posted by Stefan November 16, Posted by Yohann November 17, Posted by Artur November 17, Posted by Phantomias November 18, Hi, first of all, great thanks for this perfect job!

If you try to play it, you see a shopping TV channel. Can you please check it? Or is the problem on my side? Thanks a lot for help! Posted by admin November 18, Authentication Method 12 Click Add. Clear the Use Add Wizard check box and click Add. Set the protocol type to UDP from port Select To any port. Click Apply, OK, and then Close.

Figure Filter Properties: Then click Finish and Close. In the wizard welcome screen, click Next. Naming the Connection Click Properties. Security Select Optional encryption allowed connect even if no encryption and the Allow these protocols radio button. Networking 10 Enter your user name and password and click Connect. It may take up to one minute to establish the connection and register on the network.

Chapter 9 Dashboard interface status in widgets that you can re-arrange to suit your needs. You can also collapse, refresh, and close individual widgets. Figure Dashboard The following table describes the labels in this screen. Name This field displays the name of each interface.

Slot This field displays the name of each extension slot. Device This field displays the name of the device connected to the extension slot or none if no device is detected. Each physical Address port has one MAC address. The possible values depend on what type of interface it is. Inactive - The Ethernet interface is disabled. Down - The Ethernet interface does not have any physical ports associated with it or the Ethernet interface is enabled but not connected.

Firmware update OK - A firmware update was successful. Problematic configuration after firmware update - The application of the configuration failed after a firmware upgrade. Name Type This column displays when you display the entries by Signature Name. It shows the categories of intrusions. See Table on page more information.

Chapter 9 Dashboard 9. To access this screen, click Memory Usage in the dashboard. To access this screen, click Session Usage in the dashboard. To access this screen, click VPN Status in the dashboard. Chapter 9 Dashboard The following table describes the labels in this screen. Chapter 10 Monitor The following table describes the labels in this screen. Set Interval Click this to set the Poll Interval the screen uses.

Chapter 10 Monitor Chapter 10 Monitor Each field is described in the following table. Active - This interface is the master interface in the virtual router. Stand-By - This interface is a backup interface in the virtual router. You cannot schedule data collection; you have to start and stop it manually in the Traffic Statistics screen.

If the Direction is Ingress, a red bar is displayed; Type the user whose sessions you want to view. It is not possible to type part of the user name or use wildcards in this field; To access this screen, click Login Users. The screen appears as shown. Device detected - displays when you connect a 3G device. Device error - a 3G device is connected but there is an error. Interval Display Select the protocols for which to display statistics.

Protocols Select All selects all of the protocols. Protocol Statistics The following table describes the labels in this screen. Inbound This is the incoming bandwidth usage for traffic that matched this Kbps protocol rule, in kilobits per second.

Chapter 10 Monitor screen appears. Click the heading cell again to reverse the sort order. The IP addresses, not the address objects, are displayed. Algorithm This field displays the encryption and authentication algorithms used in the SA.

Use this screen to do the following: This screen displays anti-virus statistics. Virus Name The following table describes the labels in this screen. Signature Name The following table describes the labels in this screen. This screen displays content filter statistics. Chapter 10 Monitor You can remove individual entries from the cache. When you do this, the ZyWALL queries the external content filtering database the next time someone tries to access that web site.

Click the column heading to sort the entries. This screen displays spam statistics. In the regular log, you can look at all the log messages by selecting All Logs, or you can select a specific category of log messages for example, firewall or user. It has the same range of values as the Priority field above. Category This field displays the log that generated the log message. It is the same value used in the Display and other Category fields.

This section introduces the topics covered in this chapter. Chapter 11 Registration During the trial you can use these fields to change from one anti-virus engine to the other.

Chapter 11 Registration Note: If the ZyWALL is registered already, this screen is read-only and indicates whether trial services are activated if any. You can still select the unchecked trial service s to activate it after registration. Use the Service screen to update your service subscription status.

Chapter 11 Registration The following table describes the labels in this screen. Status This field displays whether a service is activated Licensed or not Not Licensed or expired Expired.

Chapter 12 Signature Update The following table describes the fields in this screen. Current This field displays the system protect signature and anomaly rule set Version You can also create interfaces on top of other interfaces.

This interface can be used as a backup WAN interface, for example. The auxiliary interface controls the AUX port. Only Ethernet interfaces are created directly on top of the physical ports or port groups. The relationships between interfaces are explained in the following table. Chapter 13 Interfaces Each section in this screen is described below.

Use the radio buttons to select for which interface network you want lan2 LAN2 to use each physical port. Chapter 13 Interfaces Chapter 16 on page for background information about these routing protocols.

Chapter 13 Interfaces Each field is described in the following table. Remove To remove a virtual interface, select it and click Remove.

Connectivity Check Check Method Select the method that the gateway allows. Select icmp to have the ZyWALL regularly ping the gateway you specify to make sure it is still available. For example, if the Subnet Mask is Type the Authentication password for text authentication. The key can consist of alphanumeric characters and the underscore, and it can be up to eight characters long.

Chapter 13 Interfaces Figure Object References The following table describes labels that can appear in this screen. Chapter 13 Interfaces Figure Example: They have an IP address, subnet mask, and gateway used to make routing decisions; they restrict bandwidth and packet size; and they can verify the gateway is available. Clear this to disable this interface. Interface Interface Properties Interface Specify a name for the interface.

It can use alphanumeric characters, Name hyphens, and underscores, and it can be up to 11 characters long. Allowed values are 0 - Cancel Click Cancel to exit this screen without saving. Chapter 13 Interfaces If the signal strength of a 3G network is too low, the 3G card may switch to an available 2.

See the following table for a comparison between 2G, 2. Table 67 2G, 2. Chapter 13 Interfaces The following table describes the labels in this screen. Automatically This is the default selection. If the IP address is 0. Subnet Mask Enter the subnet mask of this interface in dot decimal notation. The subnet mask indicates what part of the IP address is the same for all computers in the network. Select the RIP direction from the drop-down list box.

BiDir - This interface sends and receives routing information. In-Only - This interface receives routing information. See Table 72 on page for information on the Chapter 13 Interfaces The important part of this process is that once a resolver supplies an answer, the search stops. No other resolvers will be queried as soon as one resolver succeeds. Therein lies the gap in which DNS changer malware can take hold.

More on that later. Each computer has a file named hosts somewhere on its system. In almost all cases, the hosts file trumps any DNS resolver activity. Meaning, if I put the following line into my hosts file, I will never be able to successfully load the Comparitech.

This is because the incorrect answer in my hosts file will be accepted by my web browser and, because no other resolvers are queried once an answer is returned, no more checks will be performed. The hosts file can also be modified so as to block the IP addresses of malicious websites. You can learn how to modify your hosts file to block ads and malware here.

Lastly, there are a variety of different types of DNS records. Domain owners are responsible for creating the necessary DNS records for their domain to function. These records need to be created at wherever the authoritative name server is for that domain. When a domain is first purchased from the domain registrar those records normally point to some type of parking page at the registrar. Once a website or other service is created for the domain, normally the DNS records are changed to point to the new website and mail server.

A domain registrar is the place where a domain name is purchased or has been transferred to after purchase. The archaic term registrar is used because an important function of a domain seller is to register that domain in the DNS system so that its DNS records can be resolved. The object of DNS changer malware is to cause your computer to visit different services than you intend and make doing so entirely invisible to you.

For example, a hacker creating a duplicate of the Bank of America website on some other server is only half the battle. The next step is to somehow get people to visit that site and unwittingly enter their login credentials so they can be sent to the bad guys.

One common way to try to trick people into visiting these sites is through spam email campaigns with obfuscated links in them.

The links look like they go to the legitimate Bank of America site, but in fact do not. A more insidious and difficult-to-detect method is to change your local DNS resolver to provide the malicious IP address to queries for the Bank of America domain. This means that you would launch your web browser and visit the Bank of America website. The malicious site would load in your browser and, unlike typical phishing sites that reside on other domains, this site would actually show as the Bank of America in your browser address bar, which makes the misdirection pretty near impossible to detect.

Recall that once a DNS resolver receives an an answer, it accepts that answer and performs no further queries. In almost all cases, that is the local DNS resolver on your own computer or your router.

The attack vector is to install malware on your own computer that takes control of your local or router DNS. The first round of DNS changer malware appeared in and has been soundly defeated. It was a complicated affair set up by a company in Estonia named Rove Digital.

Where do DNS records come from?