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The 25 Best Showtime Series of All Time
Added 4 years ago by guest, 2 points. Then, as a final middle finger to those forces, he clearly demanded in his will that the collection never be sold, loaned or moved, and specifically never to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. This show follows a housewife who begins selling drugs to pay her bills. Perfectly brilliant writing, great characters, terrific suspense, great plot twists, humor, fantastic direction, excellent acting. Hall over eight seasons was fascinating to follow.


15 must-see movies streaming on Showtime

Abrams, but the man knows how to make an event movie. He also has an eye for talent. Nor is it his most fun that would probably be Jackie Brown. Nor is it his most stylish the Kill Bill s , his most socially conscious Django Unchained , his most tightly scripted Reservoir Dogs , or even his longest The Hateful Eight. The performances, writing, and directing are all immaculate.

More surprising is that the movie feels almost like a play at moments, with certain scenes stretching on for a half an hour at a time. Music is the foundation of Baby Driver , which stars Ansel Elgort as Baby, a stoic getaway driver who choreographs his turns and peel-outs with his iPod.

Jon Hamm, Jamie Foxx, and Lily James co-star, and at times the movie is more like a musical than a caper. Practically everything about the movie—from the groundbreaking effects to shirtless Jeff Goldblum—remain iconic.

Countless parodies, several terrible sequels, and billions of dollars later, life, uh, still finds a way. In the oppressive heat of West Texas, a pair of desperate brothers decide to rob banks in order to pay off their mortgage.

Hell or High Water is a movie that lives in the little moments: Out of towners being schooled by an old waitress, brothers sharing a meal, partners bantering, and cops and robbers having standoffs.

Times may be tough for the characters, but the audience reaps the riches. Well before he broke down the artifice of the late-night TV talk show with The Larry Sanders Show , Garry Shandling created the ultimate meta-sitcom with his titular Showtime series.

All the beats of a typical half-hour comedy—funny start, introduction of conflict, third-act resolution—were there, but they dared to emphasize all the elements that most shows try to hide.

Characters addressed and interacted with the live studio audience. They mocked the flimsiness of the sets.

The reason Billions stands out is because it knows exactly what it is. By amplifying the worst aspects of its main characters, Billions becomes so much more than a self-satisfied, wholly entertaining financial drama. With news that Showtime is rebooting The L Word , which ended its six-season run in , now is the time to catch up on this innovative series. The hook, of course, is that the central characters are gay women.

Much like the network did with Queer as Folk , The L Word made clear the obvious—gay women live rich, full lives brimming with romantic entanglements, career problems, medical crises, fractured friendships and family drama. Not a radical idea, but one not seen on TV before.

Anchored by power couple Bette Jennifer Beals and Tina Laurel Holloman , the series broke ground and transcended stereotypes. Here, the relationship between sex researchers William Masters Michael Sheen and Virginia Johnson Caplan, in a star-making turn found its voice, sparkling with erotic and emotional splendor. For its stunning guest arcs alone, featuring Allison Janney, Beau Bridges, Julianne Nicholson and Betsy Brandt in some of the finest TV performances of recent vintage, it deserves a spot high on this list.

Web Therapy features Kudrow as a self-centered therapist who believes that hour-long therapy sessions are too bloated, so she begins her own brand of therapy over the Internet that drastically shortens the time of a session.

Kudrow is great fun in the role, which features a lot of improvisational comedy. But what really made Web Therapy great was its supporting cast and guest stars. The four seasons can be quickly binged and it is definitely worth a watch. The grim reaper is an year-old directionless college drop-out named Georgia Lass Ellen Muth whose post-life boss is a bank robber who died in the s, played by Mandy Patinkin. But, sadly, her on-air life was even shorter. But his dark, peculiar vision lingered in his delightfully twisted world, just like the reapers who populated it.

At the beginning of the series, Tara has three alters: Alice, a housewife straight out of a s sitcom; T, a flirty, out-of-control year-old girl; and Buck, a manly war vet. More personalities are introduced as the show progressed before its unfortunate cancelation after three seasons. Before Walter White broke bad or Piper Chapman started selling panties, Weeds introduced us to the privileged protagonist who resorts to crime when faced with dire circumstances: David Crane and Jeffrey Klarik Stars: Playing a heightened, fictional version of himself, LeBlanc is terrific in a role created for him by former Friends producer David Crane.

The series is a spot-on takedown about how creativity is sucked out as TV comedies are produced to play to the lowest common denominator. And it has been buoyed by near-perfect performances from Claire Danes as the self-destructive but brilliant CIA case officer Carrie and Damien Lewis as the radicalized former prisoner Nick Brody. The first season was such an enormous success, it beat out favorites like Mad Men and Breaking Bad for the drama series Emmy and Golden Globe awards.

Over the years, some fans have felt like the series lost its mojo. Critical response to the series has been less effusive, too. But the fact remains that it has consistently been an intriguing — if not always plausible — examination of issues that have a serious real world impact.

Showtime viewers know the network has never shied away from racier material. But this series takes the exploration of intimacy to a new level.

The Affair examines every angle of indiscretion through multiple sets of eyes. The third season will air this fall on Showtime.

A serial killer with a soul — or at the very least, a solid conscience. For eight seasons, the series followed antihero Dexter Morgan Michael C. Hall , a blood spatter analyst by day and vigilante serial killer by night okay, and also sometimes day. And it gave us a glimpse into the psychological struggles he faced, balancing his murderous urges with his seemingly normal life.

But Dead Like Me still remains one of the most unique, engaging and exciting shows that the premium network ever aired. And it also examined the impact that death can have on both those who leave their bodies and the loved ones they leave behind. Macy and his six children as they attempt to navigate life with little to no direction.

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